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Wedding 101: Preparing for the Best Day of Your Life

Chances are, you have probably been dreaming about it ever since you were a child!

But even if you haven’t, your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life, and it is an event that you will cherish forever. That is why planning it a while beforehand and preparing for it is an essential step in having a successful day.

Below are five steps you could follow that can make your wedding day as special and run as smooth as possible. 

Make a checklist 

When writing a checklist, write everything you have in mind, then prioritize. One of the common mistakes people make in weddings is that they do not prioritize. They will focus on little details rather than focus on the more important steps such as seating arrangements or booking a place months beforehand. Whether you are doing your wedding at a reception or a banquet hall, it is essential that you reserve the location earlier as some places are sometimes reserved for a full year. Banquet halls are usually larger than receptions, so make sure you go through your guest list before you book either. For booking can become very difficult, an adequate estimate will generally be good enough to know for sure which one will best suit your wedding day.

Be organized 

The second step in preparing for the best day of your life is to be organized. Took the DJs number, but didn’t save it anywhere? Took measurements for your bridesmaid’s dresses, but mixed them up? These are some things that might make you and those around you a bit frustrated, but they are also some things that can easily be avoided if you just stay organized. Have a notebook near you or your smartphone so you can write down the things you need to do for the day or other details such as the measurements. 


Create a budget 

It is easy to completely go out of proportions on such an important day. Ice sculptures and large center pieces are some things that can definitely make the hall look beautiful,  but may pass the limit of your budget. Go over your finances and set a budget in stone, try not to “estimate” as you may go overboard without even noticing.

Create a guest list 

It is important that for your wedding, you try and invite those who are nearest and dearest to you first, then distant family members and friends later. Again, it is all about prioritizing. If your budget only allows for 50 people, or you would just like 50 people in your wedding, then do what you and your future spouse think is right. 

Do your research 

Like any successful task, wedding planning needs research. You need to research the band or DJ you want to hire photographers, florists, and caterers. Make sure that you go through trustworthy reviews and try them out if possible. Ask your DJ or band to play your favorite song, as a photographer for a mini photo session, ask the florist to set up ideas they have in mind, and so on.  


The most important step of all, is to remember to have fun. Not all weddings or even events run as smoothly as we wish, so even if some things do go wrong, just remember to have fun and really cherish this event with all its ups and downs.