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Six women create a song and video to inspire a wave of women voters in the presidential election. Their message to millions of women everywhere is simple: “We Need You!”

Brittany, Dahlia, Jessenia, Soleil, Virginia and Ximone are not bandmates. They never formally worked together on any musical projects until they realized that 50 million women who were registered to vote in the 2016 presidential election did not.

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“We knew we needed to do something,” shares Virginia Marcs, a member of the Creative Natives Songwriting Collective that initiated the idea of creating a theme song, “to give women the inspiration to do whatever it takes to make sure their vote counts.”

“We believe that a wave of women voters will be the deciding factor in the 2020 presidential election,” shares Jessenia Vargas, a former Miss Queens pageant winner and alumnus of The American Musical And Dramatic Academy in New York.

“We want to empower the historical turnout needed to honor the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment and the 55th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act,” shares Brittany Brook, founder of Moonshadow Music and a Creative Natives Collective member along with Ms. Marcs.

“‘Own your greatness’ has always been my message,” says Soleil Laurent, “and now it’s time for all of us to own how powerful we women can be in politics.”

The Brooklyn raised international folk artist Dahlia Dumont shares, “Some women didn’t like Hillary. Maybe some women like chauvinism. Some feel like the electoral college system makes them feel like our votes don’t matter. Well, now is the time to show that world that our votes do matter.”

The team created a song and music video entitled “We Need You,” encouraging women to share the song and video using the hashtag #WeNeedYou2020 with the goal of inspiring millions of women to vote in record numbers in the 2020 Presidential Election.

“We are women who care. Women who seek to use whatever talents and energy we have,” shares Ximone, a recording artist and founder of the digital music magazine Siren Magazine. “We are willing to be seen, stand up, and be counted,” she continues. “Our time is now.”

To find out more, go to https://weneedyou.vote/  or email: weneedyou@weneedyou.vote

Information on the Artists:

Brittany Brook: Brittany Brook is a Montana-Made actor-musician, children’s teaching artist, founder and creator of Moonshadow Music, and the lead guitarist for the all-female bluegrass-country band The Snowy Mountain Sisters. She joined the We Need You Team from her residence in Washington Heights, as part of the Creative Natives Songwriting Collective.

Dahlia Dumont: Dahlia Dumont, a.k.a. The Blue Dahlia, is a chanteuse raised in Brooklyn who writes and performs international folk and groove on both sides of the Atlantic. With a soulful voice and an infectious energy, she brings diverse musicians and audiences together to explore new creative fusions and speak up about the power of humanity and solidarity in a money-driven world.

Jessenia Vargras: Native New Yorker Jessenia Vargas trained at The American Musical And Dramatic Academy in NYC and has performed at The Apollo Theater, Carnegie Hall, and represented New York State in a Miss USA Pageant. Aside from her artistic career, Jessenia is a business owner who empowers women of all types to run and operate their own businesses and take control of their own finances.

Soleil Laurent: Embodying the phrase of being an “old soul trapped in a young body”, Soleil Laurent is an artist dedicated to empowering the people everywhere. The core of her message is “Own Your Greatness,” which she has shared live with audiences from Rwanda, Canada, Haiti, Dominican Republic and all over the USA.

Symone (Ximone) Stewart: Ximone is a singer, songwriter and recording artist, recently transplanted to Brooklyn. She is the founder of the digital music magazine, Siren Magazine.

Virginia Marcs: A member of the Astoria Music Collective, Venus Envy Artist Coalition and Creative Natives Songwriting Collective, Virginia Marcs went from Madonna-obsessed adolescent to opera singer then swing band leader, yet nothing fit until she received her first guitar. Virginia resides in Queens, NY and is often participating in benefits for Planned Parenthood, Safe Horizon, URINYC and more.

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