Ways on How to Give Negative Feedback to Your Employees

Ways on How to Give Negative Feedback to Your Employees
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You want to be careful about saying negative things to your employees. You don’t want them to think they’re not doing a great job. You might also prevent them from working hard. However, there are times when you have to say important things. Even if it’s negative, you have no choice. Otherwise, your employees will assume they’re right and continue the same practice. Here are some ways on how to give negative feedback to your employees. 

State your objective

You need to discuss why you want to talk about the negative things in the first place. Will it be beneficial for the business? Will it lead to professional growth? Your objective will make it easier to accept the criticisms. The employees won’t think you’re mean or trying to bring them down. 

Stay calm and optimistic

Sometimes, negative feedback hurts not because of what you say. It’s how you say it. Therefore, you should remain calm and optimistic. You can’t let your employees feel that you’re upset about what happened. Again, the goal is to correct the behaviour and motivate them to do better. If you scream or seem frustrated, it won’t do anything. Worse, your employees might decide to leave the job. 

Offer a different role 

Some employees don’t do well with certain projects because they are not fit for them. It doesn’t mean they’re terrible. If you want them to do better, consider offering a different role. Perhaps, you can let them lead a corporate event. A fairground would be an excellent idea. You can also let them work with a fairground hire company to simplify the job. With their organising skills, the employees can prove their worth. They will also remember what you said and use it when dealing with a different project. 

Don’t compare them with other employees

It’s tempting to compare your employees with one another, especially if someone is doing a great job. However, you shouldn’t do it. Otherwise, you will make the others feel terrible. They might also lose motivation since they will never be like someone else. Instead, encourage your employees to do more by suggesting the proper steps. Comparing doesn’t do anything. It’s also a vague idea since they don’t know how others perform or why they excel. You will also foster hatred and unnecessary competition among the employees

Define the next steps

The conversation shouldn’t end by pointing out what went wrong. Instead, you must lay out the steps to be better. You want your employees to prove that they’re capable of growing. You also want them to have the standards to self-evaluate. Anyone who receives these criticisms will feel good to know that there’s a path forward. They won’t feel left out in the dark.

You can’t let your employees feel stuck because of inappropriate feedback. But, again, you don’t want to lose your employees. You also want them to feel that they have a chance to do better. Everyone must have the same mentality to ensure growth within the team.