WACO Theatre Center

5144 Lankershim Blvd


CA 91601

(818) 400-1151

Website: wacotheatercenter.com

WACO facilities are equipped to host various type of productions and events including: concerts, dance recitals, film screenings, meetings, gallery exhibitions, receptions, rehearsals, studio recordings, theater and performance productions with limited occupancy and COVID-safe protocols for public gatherings. The space overviews, photos and booking information is listed below.

this space can be used for special events including receptions or visual art gallery exhibitions.

this is a recently renovated 99-seat ADA accessible black box theater, equipped with professional lighting, audio and video equipment. The space has retractable seating and the ability to stream live events via Zoom or other online video platforms. In addition to the performance space, there are two-back stage dressing rooms, 2 single stall restrooms for guests, a tech booth and a loading dock for load-in and strike needs.