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Visiting Perth: The Laidback and Quiet Side of Australia

Visiting Perth: The Laidback and Quiet Side of Australia

There are different kinds of travelers, each to their own that is. Most people prefer going to popular places which are expected to be swarmed by a huge crowd of tourists; while others choose to take a different road that leads to a simple, quiet, and intimate destination one can privately appreciate.

If we are to compare Australia to a family, Sydney is the most popular member of the bunch. She is loved and adored by many. Busy most of the time, a party animal; but she’s a real achiever. And there’s the middle child – often overlooked. Funny thing is, parents sometimes forget his name or his whereabouts. This is Perth City – quiet, kind of introverted, and the boy-next-door type.

However, little did everyone knows that this kid is special. Yes, Perth is the less-popular city in Australia, but it offers a different kind of experience to travelers who visit the country during holidays.

It may not be the first choice for most tourists, but it has a lot to offer to travelers that seek simple, nature-oriented and laid back experience down under.

Perth treats you like their own, not a stranger nor a tourist. Perth is located at the Southern tip of Western Australia which embraces the best of both worlds. It is home to a simple yet flourishing city of artistic restaurants, small bars, and stunning street art. Best of all, the city boasts of picturesque parks and soft white-sand beaches to go along with the turquoise ocean.

The Path to Perth City

It’s easy to get there. There are international flights that arrive directly into Perth Airport from several international airports. To get around the city, request for a service vehicle from DriveNow car hire in Perth Airport counter and have a 35-minute road trip going to the city center. There are other car services on the Airport, so you can pick which one suits your budget and needs.

Things to Do in Perth That You Shouldn’t Miss

  • Take a Quokka Selfie- It’s a blast from the past when you visit the car-free, simple and relaxed Island of Rottnest. It’s a 19-kilometer trip from Perth and is home to the adorable quokka, a friendly marsupial found only in Western Australia. Get your cameras out because this cute creature is always Instagram-ready! Rottnest Island also has more than 60 beaches, coral reefs sheltering tropical marine life, and buildings full of rich history.
  • Swim and snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean at Cottesloe Beach
  • A walk in Fremantle’s Historic Streets You’ll find interesting colonial relics with the popular Little Creatures Brewery.
  • Try the West Australian Wine in the Swan Valley
  • Immersion, bar hopping, and foodie fix in Urban Villages of Perth- The neighborhood of Leederville showcases a wide-range of boutiques and patio cafes. At the Mount Lawley, you will find incredible bar-bistros, pubs, and arty restaurants.
  • Pander in Perth’s Culture- Need a culture fix? The Perth Cultural Centre offers an amazing experience. Explore the wide-range collection of Aboriginal art at the free-entry Art Gallery of Western Australia. Wander in the Urban Orchard for more historical and art galleries.

Perth City might not ring a bell when you first hear its name. But once you discover the vast and wonderful attractions it brings to the table, despite the humble and simple way of life, you’ll probably include this on your next Australian itinerary.