Unsung Black Heroes – Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler and Robert L. Johnson


Are we going to not talk about the Black pioneers during Black History Month? No, ma’am Pam! – the famous phrase coined by one of our favorite TikTok creators, Quentin R. Jiles. What we are going to do is share his “Black History 2021 – Unsung Black Heroes” videos that give us a glimpse at the many accomplishments of a variety of Black history makers.

Why did you decide to do this series now?

QJ: I decided to do this project because I feel like we are in a space where the masses is finally listening. And if that is true then I wanted to give a fuller account of Black Americans’ beauty, genius, ingenuity, talents and swag. We have been here. We built here. We push forward here. 

“Today we will be focusing on a woman named Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler. Dr. Crumpler was the first African-American woman to receive an M.D. degree.”

Research completed by Intern: Katie Swope
Video Edits and production: Amy Gordon

The Queue With Que Show  |  “Black History 2021 – Unsung Black Heroes”   |   TIKTOK

“Today we will be covering the Life and Impact of Robert L Johnson From his small-town upbringing he would go on to create Black Entertainment Television (BET), become the first African American majority owner of a major sports team in the United States, and the first Black billionaire.”

Research completed by Intern: Josh Aych
Video Edits and production: Amy Gordon 

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