Trust: can you find it in a fashion article?

Here’s a piece of advice that should always keep you in good stead – never, ever trust a fashion article.

Yes, it’s an opening line that asks you to be suspicious of everything about to be written, but just hear this writer out for a second.

Have a look through fashion magazines and articles from a decade ago. By nowadays standards, they probably seem quaint. A few mighty even look outright batty. They’re like reading someone try to describe the internet in 1990, or discuss the appeal of Mark Wahlberg circa 1992.

Do you really want to put your faith in the hands of people who only live in the moment? Whose sense of fashion can change within a matter of weeks, until the latest Vivienne Westwood collection blows their conceptions right out of the water?

The latest collection from Kanye West, as fascinating as it was, showed us one thing – that we’ve got no real idea if we like a fashion collection when a celebrity is involved. Their endorsement muddies the waters.

And if our opinions are so unstable when someone like Yeezus promotes his latest brand, how can we know what we really think about any fashion clothing?

Timeless styles

So what can you trust in the fashion world? Where can you look for some stability in your style?

The answer is simple – pick the fashion trends that worked.

There are certain styles that exist seemingly outside of time. They’re somehow both fossilised and still relevant. You could strut up the catwalks of Paris and Milan in these garments and they’d still look tremendous.

Which era of clothing you prefer will, naturally, depend on your personal tastes. But there are a hefty number of styles that have consistently made the grade throughout the decades.

Consistent fashion-makers

Take a look at Audrey Hepburn. She’s an icon of glamour who still seems as fresh and invigorating as a lungful of oxygen. Her sleek black cocktail dresses combined with splashes of primary colours have transcended their period. You could wear them in a scuzzy nightclub or an upper class dinner party and receive the same dazzled looks.

Then there’s normcore, as it’s now called. Normcore is all about dressing down but still looking stylish. Your coats should brim with class while seeming practical, and your dress sense should fit the norm of urban living.

On the outre side of the spectrum is the goth look. Black lace, 19th century ruffles, splashes of white amidst the murk – they’re all hip in their own way, despite never having entered the fashion mainstream.

With these styles you can look great without going out of date. See? Maybe there is a fashion article you can trust.

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