Top US cities for an arts holiday

Top US cities for an arts holiday

Museums and art galleries can be found across the world and the US is no exception to that. Not only will you learn more about the history of the portraits hung in front of you, visiting these kind of places are a grey way to spend time with the people you visit with. If you’re thinking about travelling to the United States of America soon, make sure you apply for an ESTA Visa. Applying for an esta visa is easy; simply enter your details and make your payment to determine the eligibility of your travelling to the United States under the USA Waiver Program. Find out the top US cities for an arts holiday below.

  1. Crown Fountain, Chicago 

The Crown Fountain found in Chicago is one of the largest pieces of public art and video-embedded sculptures found in Chicago’s Millennium Park. The attraction includes a number of elements including the use of water, glass and light to create a quirky space.  You can also find The Cloud Gate Sculpture, otherwise called “the bean”, designed by Anish Kapoor at the heart of Millennium Park. 

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City 

Home to 5,000 years-worth collected from around the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is perfect for everyone to enjoy. Experience the world of ancient Egypt shrines including the Temple of Dendur – the main attraction. Once a temple built by the Roman governor of Egypt, the Temple of Dendur can now be enjoyed in NYC. 

  1. Storm King Art Center, New York State 

Nature and art is combined at the Storm King Art Centre. More than 100 modern strategically placed sculptures can be found around the open-air museum in Mountainville. As one of the leading sculpture parks, no wonder it has attracted visitors from over the world. Enjoy a day of engaging exhibitions and educational talks whilst valuing the beauty of the environment and large-scale sculptures. 

  1. National Gallery of Art, Washington DC 

Home to over 120000 pieces of art from the past to the present created by more than 13000 artists including the likes of Mary Beale and Rogier van der Weydon, the National Gallery of Art located in Washington DC is an art museum to not be missed. 

  1. Museum of Modern Art, New York City 

Otherwise known as MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art located in Midtown Manhattan houses is home to some of the most admirable collections of modern art. Amongst the 150,000 are pieces hung proudly on the walls, you will find the famous work of Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh, “The Starry Night”. 

Get ready to be taken back in time at some of the top US cities for an arts holiday. The value of arts continue to inspire, educate and engage people from across the world bringing them a step closer to what life was like back when. Have you embarked on an arts holiday before? Now is the time!