Top Indoor Pet Outings

California winters are hardly annoying, but they are a tad bit cooler than the rest of the year. For those of us with tiny or short-haired, prone-to-be-cold pups, here’s a list of indoor playgrounds and activities for your pets!



There are plenty of hotels that generously accommodate pets, but one step up from that are Pet Hotels! Check out Hollywood’s D Pet Hotels. D Pet Hotels have an innovative and unique concept that shower your four-legged loved one with specialty products and luxury services and amenities. Play areas include an indoor area supervised by trained dog watchers, where dogs of all breeds and sizes can mix, mingle and fetch! The boutique might make you a little jealous – pups receive premium-style pampering, including a spa, grooming, and even a photoshoot! Last but not least, (and one of the most important to your dog) are the gourmet treats and meals. The experience is top-notch for doggies, and they won’t have to suffer in the California winter’s less-than-75-degree weather to enjoy it all!



If you’re like me, your small apartment doesn’t suffice for doggy fun time, and most of your pet’s time at home is spent gazing out the window at all that outdoor space. Do you have a dog who’s full of energy? Check out the Zoom Room. Not only does the Zoom Room have plenty of obstacle courses and open space for your dogs to roam, explore, and burn all that energy, but it also has super cool amenities like a private gym and private rooms for birthdays and events. Make this a regular trip just like you would to your own gym, the Zoom Room offers memberships so your pup can get regular training, grooming, exercise, and socializing galore!



Got a pet who’s not so much the busy body? Cuddle up at a drive-in movie like Electric Dusk Drive-In. This is perfect for dogs who are not skittish and love to be couch potatoes with you. Take it on the road to get the added bonus of a car ride and hang out in the comfort of your own car while you watch a film favorite. PS – the next showing is this Saturday!



If all else fails, try some stimulating mental and physical exercises at home. “Doga” is a new trend that combines yoga movements with your dog. Your pup is likely to nail the downward dog better than you can…maybe he can teach you a few things! Aside from Doga, there are mentally stimulating games you can play. Check out dog training videos on youtube and spend a little time teaching your doggy new things. Hide-a-treat is also a nice indoor time-consumer – it’s pretty self explanatory. Lastly, there is always fun in making pet videos! This is especially fun for pets who love to be the star of every show.

There are endless opportunities to keep things lively during the winter. The key is to never give up on ideas, and always make time for quality time with your pets! Winter is almost over the sun is already heating up, so your outdoor hikes and off-leash dog parks are right around the corner. In the meantime, stay warm and keep playing!