“Top Hats and Tiaras”, a Parade for Pets

Did your pets get to ring in the new year? Now they can. Join us for the first “pet parade” in 2016!

A while back, I wrote about Los Angeles being one of the best pet-friendly cities in the country, and growing events like these continue to prove me right. A Halloween event had such a great turn out that the Port of Los Angeles decided to keep it going. This will be the fourth pet parade since it all started, but this particular parade is the first of the year.

Aside from the costuming and parading, these events simply offer a time and place to meet other Angelenos and their pets, which has been the greatest benefit of it all according to past attendees. Costumes aren’t required and participation is free, San Pedro and Wilmington communities host to make sure all you need to do is show up (ah, Los Angeles!).

Join the crowd at 9 a.m. this Saturday morning at the San Pedro Waterfront (504 S. Harbor Blvd).


In past parades, there were treat stations and social media stops along the way, which is perfect because you were just looking for the next greatest selfie with Fido, weren’t you?

All pets are welcome so long as they are on their respective leashes and carriers. That means we should see some of you cat parents with felines who rock tiaras and top hats like only they can…(let’s face it, dog dads and moms, cats have that innate royalty thing going on).

I mean, come on.


These pet costume parades are set to happen every third Saturday of the month all throughout 2016 in either San Pedro or Wilmington, so if you can’t make this weekend, don’t worry; “Be My Valentine” parade is on February 20th, then St. Patrick’s Day theme on March 23rd. Check their schedule for dates lined up for the entire year.

So the events come full circle, donations for the local shelters are accepted at the parades. They can be in the form of pet food, blankets, etc., or monetary donations. Maybe you have an extra pet costume lying around that you can donate or better, dress a foster pet in something warm and bring him to the parade! You’re guaranteed to boost his morale and you might meet someone to adopt.

If you can’t wait until the weekend, you can always donate to your local shelter or foster a pet at any time. Like BamBam and Lady…

NoHo’s Featured Pet of the Month


My name is Bambam and I am a spayed female, calico Domestic Shorthair.

The shelter thinks I am about 15 years old.

I weigh approximately 21 pounds.

I have been at the shelter since Jan 03, 2016.

For animals under the age of 8 weeks and/or moms with litters, please contact the Center for availability.

Adoption fees include spay/neuter surgery, all animals will be sterilized prior to release.

Watch BamBam with the cat she’s bonded with.

Adopt BamBam.

Author: nohoarts