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Top Fascinating Facts About Dogs

Dogs have been constant fixtures in the lives of humans since the early days of cavemen who found themselves followed by wild dogs who probably viewed humans as a source of food – not as prey but as a species that left scraps for them to eat in the form of bones and innards from hunted animals whose carcases were stripped of what humans would eat and the rest was left for the dogs.

It became a symbiotic relationship, from that early dawn of time, until today. Little has changed. We enjoy their company and the bit of protection we feel from having them around. They enjoy the comforts that we can provide for them. There are so many things about dogs that you may not know though … 

  •     Dogs have a great sense of time. Dogs can be trained to remind people to take medications simply by a trainer given the dog a treat at precisely the same time each day, and only when the dog comes and sits. Eventually what happens is that right at 5pm, the dog comes to you, sits down and stares at you. You are reminded to take your blood pressure pill, and the dog gets his treat, possibly a hemp treat from Innovet Pet, that’s good for him. How many of you have forgotten the time and your dog quickly got restless at his normal meal time? Some will even bring you their bowl in an attempt to communicate with you that the time to eat is right now.
  •     Whiskers are necessary to not bump into things. When lighting is poor, your dog uses his whiskers to determine when he is close to something or if an opening is too small for his head and shoulders. He knows that if his shoulders don’t fit, he can’t get through. This is like having his own radar in the dark. Cat’s whiskers do the same sort of work for them, though they can see in the dark much better than dogs can. Your dog doesn’t see much better than you do in the dark, but his sense of smell helps him enormously.
  •     Dogs do not age 7 human years every year. The first year of their life they mature very rapidly, going from a puppy who fits in the palm of your hand, to a physically full-grown animal. While they may fill-out a bit, they are typically close to fully grown at one-year-old. In that first year, they are physically the same maturity as a 15-year-old human. This is why their second year is often called their ‘teen phase’ and they become more independent and challenging sometimes, depending on the breed. At two, they are now aging at close to the 7:1 ratio you’ve come to know.
  •     Dogs hear 4x farther than humans. Dogs hear better than we do too. Their decibel top end is roughly 45,000 decibels while humans top-out around 23,000 decibels. Despite this, puppies are actually born deaf and blind. They develop hearing at approximately three weeks of age and eventually far surpass our hearing abilities.
  •     Dogs smell our moods. So often people say that their dog seems to read their mind and know how they are feeling. This is half-true. They do know how you feel, but it isn’t your mind they are reading. They smell all of the subtle changes in your body chemistry that relate to moods. You sweat when nervous, for example. When dogs learn to detect seizures, just before they happen. What they are actually doing is smelling the chemical changes that are happening in the body in real-time, just prior to the seizure that is the result. This is something that dogs naturally do and are not trained to do, but their natural reactions can be shaped to help the humans know something is afoot. Petblogish have amazing info about dog. You can have a look.
  •     Dogs can smell as much as 10 million times better than you can. To say that dogs have an incredible sense of smell is an enormous understatement. In fact, it’s their superpower. Depending on what their breed is, or mixtures of breeds, they can have anywhere between 125 million to 350 million scent glands in their nose. You, my friend, have only 5 million. Makes you feel inadequate, eh?
  •     The average dog has the intelligence of, at least, a two-year-old. Some dogs, such as a border collie, long hailed as the smartest dog breed on the planet, could possibly be as intelligent as a five-year-old. Go have a conversation with any five-year-old human and be floored at the intelligence your dog could have. 

Dogs are amazing. They bring us to a completely humbled being at times, because of their love and constant devotion. Dogs don’t care what you look like. They don’t care if you wear generic sneakers, they just care if you put the dog dish on the floor on time for breakfast. 


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