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Top Education-based Movies Which Prove the World Can Be Changed by Education

Do you love watching movies? Have you ever come across an educational movie? If not then here is an article for you. It focuses on films that are education-based. The movies bring out the aspect of how education can completely change the world. 

The list has been assembled carefully to make sure you get the best movie experience while still getting educated. While watching educational movies you need to ask writers for hire who will care for your paper at this time.

Freedom Writers

It is based on a true story experienced by Erin Gruwell. It inspires students to be more tolerant and strive to achieve higher education. Hilary Swank plays the main character role.

School of Rock

A rock band artist is picked from the band to replace his roommates’ job as a teacher. The switch does not block his dream. He combines a group of students and forms a school band, which ends up winning against his former band in a competition. Jack Black takes up the main character role.


It is a movie about a teenage African American girl. She is illiterate and is carrying her unborn second-born child. But her fate is changed when she enrolls in an alternative education center. A nurse and teacher decide to help her get her life back on track. 

Music of the Hearts

The movie is based on an actual true story. It is about a violin tutor struggling to find a job. So instead, she creates one. She comes up with a music project at an inner city school in Harlem. 

The Ron Clark Story

It is a movie about a teacher who departs from his hometown to take up a teaching job in New York. He takes a different teaching perspective and ends up impacting the lives of a lot of his students. He even encourages a student who is the mother of three where she ends up topping her class. It starrs Mathew Perry.

Mr. Holland’s Opus

A composer decides to accept a music teaching job. He aims to earn money but later loves his profession deeply. Music helps him bond with his son, who is deaf, similar to the way he bonds with his students.

Dangerous Minds

It is about an ex-Marine who takes up a temporary teaching job. The school is poverty-stricken, and the students do not trust her. The lady has to use new teaching methods to convince her students to confide in her. Michelle Pfeiffer stars in this movie.

Stand and Deliver

A teacher decides to teach advanced mathematics to students who are underperforming and helps them excel and take the AP Calculus exam.

Lean on Me

A principal accepts a job in a rough school and must handle the drug dealing, fights and the students’ poor test results and grades in order to keep his job.

Dead Poets Society

It is about a teacher in 1959 who took a different perspective in teaching poetry. Her change in perspective impacts the students’ lives positively.


All the movies mentioned in this article are inspiring and bring a whole new side of education. So all you need to do is find the one you like, grab some popcorn and prepare to be amazed while studying, too.