Top 5 Canadian Films to watch

Top 5 Canadian Films to watch

While Hollywood has been quite vocal in the International movie scenes, we feel that the media has not given Canadian films sufficient attention. Apparently, Canada has a lot of veteran movie directors who have stayed on top of their game for so long. They are considered a brilliant talent that only the North can produce. Because of this, Canada has equal rights to brag and brush shoulders with mighty Hollywood. And if you want to confirm this fact, you should just go through this list to get a feel on some of the movies the country has since produced.

The top 5 Canadian films worth paying attention to

1 Going Down the Road (produced in 1970)

In the year 1970, two friends named Pete and Joey decided to leave Cape Breton and head down to Toronto in search for greener pastures. The two friends were convinced that they could make a kill out of the big city life. They struggled with odd jobs that never paid any better. But despite the odds, Pete is still convinced that something good is about to come. That’s where the fun part begins.

2 The Sweet Hereafter (was produced in 1997)

The people who star in this movie include actors Ian Holm, Bruce Greenwood and Sarah Polley. It’s about a school bus that got involved in a deadly accident, resulting in the death of most kids who were riding in it at the time. This prompted a class-action lawsuit which impacted the community in a negative way. Apparently, it’s based on an incident that happened in Alton, Texas in 1989. This movie makes it to this list since it has won several awards in the past. Toronto International Film Festival critics also voted it among the top 10 best Canadian films to watch.

3 C.R.A.Z.Y (produced in 2005)

This is a story of a young gay man by the name Zac who also faced homophobia as he grew up in the hands of a conservative dad and 4 other brothers. The film was shot in Quebec. It mimics events that happened in the 60s and 70s. So it comes loaded with settings that match this era. The reason why this Canadian film is popular is because it got 100% rating in a famous movie review site called Rotten Tomatoes. These Critics couldn’t be wrong, and so movie enthusiasts had to be inspired as well.

4 My Winnipeg (produced in 2007)

This film is a fictional documentary that blends history with civic tragedy and perhaps mystical hypothesizing. This makes it overly complicated to describe. However, the story involves a narrator (Guy Maddin) who reflects on his intent to do a movie that will give him the opportunity to leave Winnipeg. Of course a lot of things happen in between the fictional episodes. But the main thing is that this movie has managed to garner positive rating despite its complicated twist.

5 Stories We Tell (a 2012 movie)

Directed by Sarah Polley, this documentary tries to explore the deepest secret that her family has kept from the public. But on top of that, it also seeks to reveal the true identity of Sarah Polley. Stories We Tell managed to catch the attention of Toronto Film Critics Association. For this reason, it won a $100,000 prize.

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