Top 10 Novelties for a Movie Night

Don’t you know what movie to watch this evening? Then, you are at the right place! Below, we have gathered the top ten novelties for a movie night. All the films are new so that you won’t be bothered by the immortal classics of cinematography. 

I Care a Lot

It is a movie that tells a story of a woman who uses any possible way to get rich. Being a senior care keeper, she cares about their money only. She is a skilled scam artist who steals the savings of seniors. However, one day she makes a mistake by robbing the mother of a real gangster who has no excuses for his enemies. Consequently, the leading character is forced to fight to survive. The movie is fascinating because of a large number of unpredictable twists. 

Free Guy

It is a fun comedy about the life of a virtual character. The leading hero is a non-player character. Like all other NPCs, he is powered by scripts. However, one day the AI technology used helps him develop and become a human-like character who lives in a virtual world. Students who read the writepaperforme reviews to delegate their papers and play video games will enjoy this movie. It is a fun comedy about the adventures of a virtual character who received the ability to think critically, not follow scripts only. 

Army of Thieves

Do you like movies about talented thieves? If so, you ought to add this film to your watchlist. It tells the story of a gifted guy who can open any safe in minutes without using additional equipment. One day he was accepted into a team of skilled thieves who planned one of the greatest crimes in history. But, unfortunately, the team has limited time to open a series of safes that nobody could break before. 


It is an engaging movie from Apple TV about a man who survived an apocalypse that killed most people on Earth. He found a dog and constructed a robot. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stay in a safe place because of an upcoming deadly storm. So, the man, human-like robot, and dog have to escape the dangerous region. However, in search of a safe place, they face a lot of challenges that they have to overcome together to survive. 

Don’t Look Up

This movie is a perfect blend of science and comedy that you have to watch. The film is about a group of astronauts who have discovered a comet that will hit Earth. They do their best to spread the information around the globe to warn people and force the government to launch spacecraft to hit the comet and change its trajectory. But, unfortunately, nobody cares about it because of the upcoming elections. Therefore, the leading characters have to fight to get their voices heard. 

Red Notice

If you’re a fan of comedies, this film is a great pick for you. According to the plot, a talented thief has to escape getting into prison by helping a policeman who captured him find a treasure. It is a film that is full of hilarious moments and unpredictable twists. Therefore, if you’re a student burdened by many assignments, don’t be shy about delegating your homework to watch this movie to get distracted from problems. However, don’t forget to read the review to keep yourself safe from scammers. 

Showtimes for Spider-Man: No Way Home

It is one of the most popular movies that was released this year. Moreover, it is one of the most anticipated films by Marvel fans. It will bring you into the world of multi universes that tie together because of an incorrectly used spell. Therefore, Spider-Man is forced to tackle new challenges that he hasn’t faced before. 

The Tomorrow War

This movie has an unusual plot. According to it, most people get acquired by the army. Then, they are sent to the future to fight aliens that will attack the planet in 30 years. To save humanity, they have to leave their families and go to the future using advanced technology to fight creatures from other worlds. 

Jungle Cruise

This film tells an interesting story about the adventure of two people who allied up to find a three from the legend in the Amazon basin. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task to find the tree that heals all wounds and illnesses because wild animals and immortal monsters protect it. Nevertheless, it is a comedy film that is full of hilarious moments. 

No Time to Die

If you’re a fan of the series of films about James Bond, a secret service agent, you’re obliged to watch this movie. According to the plot, the successful agent who completes secret missions for the British government has to save the world from a terrorist who wants to poison all people on the planet.

Author: nohoarts