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To Combine Being an Amateur Actor With Writing Coursework

Theatre can serve as a perfect middle-ground for completely different personalities.

Some of us prefer to perform on stage, while others – to be spectators. However, doesn’t matter on which side we appear in the theatre, all of us live in real world with its real challenges. Let`s figure out how to cope with it and combine our passion with reality!

Theatre Today

The theatre today has immensely changed from what it was hundreds of years back.

There are so many genres of modern theatre we can discover, and each of them brings special vision, own motive, and problems to discuss.

Amateur Theatre 

One of the most controversial and peculiar forms of theatrical performance is an amateur theatre.

Amateurs are generally those who pursue a particular activity or field of study independently of their source of income. Amateurs might be also described as popular, informal, self-taught, user-generated, DIY, and hobbyist.

What is interesting — although we refer it to relatively new courses, amateurship has been welcomed even in ancient Greece. There, not only professional actors but also citizens themselves could participate in a play.

Why Amateur Theatre is cool?

Simply because it broadens the horizons of acting in general. It blurs the standards, unites completely diverse people, living with the same fervor. It’s also free! Free source for acting training and inner complex deliverance.

What I admire in it, is that on the most challenging step of my life path, when I’m surrounded by hesitations and stress, I can easily switch to completely different dimension and dive into the process of acting. I can act as an amateur, so I do not need a special `allowance` for it. Although there might be `actors training for amateurs`, pure experience and constant self-development is what you really need.

Facing the reality

Here, a doctor can be an astronaut, a waitress can become a model, a student can play the knight and a designer may perform as a king. But after the curtain goes down, we all come back to the routine, to the world where paperwork, assignment, and bureaucracy exist.

So, how can we find the balance between things we have to do and the things we enjoy? Can we erase the line between them?

Practical advises

When I was a third-year student of economy faculty, I also played in local community theatre for 2.5 years. Frankly, I enjoyed both my professional and acting sides. However, there are some things I cannot stand about studying, for example — writing coursework.

2.5 years of acting helped me to find a way to cope with anger and despair, which coursework or any other kind of paperwork) usually brings. Now I want to share my `easy coursework writing list ` with you!

My easy coursework writing list:

  • Use your emotions

It is scientifically proved that the expression of emotions generates ideas.

Once I entered the stage with words: “I need help with my coursework, right now!!!”. I didn’t think it would really help with coursework, however, it did!!! With an influx of emotions, my brain instantly generated the needed idea, or as you may call it  — inspiration.

So use that emotional flow to empower your writing skills: watch that comedy to cry out of laughter, visit the amusement park, play a completely new role, do some sport or buy the lottery ticket.

  • Organize yourself

Sometimes we have to be strict with ourselves. There is always something that has to be done. For me, the best way to do that thing is to do it first. Then you will not live with the burden of responsibility and will be able to enjoy your leisure. From personal experience — the existence of such burden makes my artistic skills weaker. So help yourself and dedicate your efforts to coursework!

  • Learn how to manage your time

It’s important to find a balance between your duties and passions. But if you once learn to organize not only yourself but also your timetable — things will be getting done pretty soon.

  • Choose the right topic

It can be kind of tough to link the topic of your paper with your passion for acting, however, it’s not impossible. Even I once managed to connect it: I wrote my coursework about the correlation between demographic/economic groups and performances among amateur actors. There wasn’t plenty of information online, but I managed to do my own research and interviewed some of my colleagues, so the work turned to be authentic and vivid.

Always try to choose the topic to reconcile your obligation and fascination.

  • Write your work by acting it

It may sound a little cheesy, but one of the most useful tips I can give you is to pretend you’re someone else. I don’t want it to sound cheap, so I’ll explain.

The thing is sometimes we entrust ourselves too much responsibility, what is more —  we take it too seriously. These tasks keep accumulating inside of our brains until it finally explodes. It does not help. To prevent brain detonation, I’d stopped to write the papers on my own, instead— I’ve started to act as `someone who has to write a paper`. All of a sudden it became an adventure!

I always imagine that I just have to play the role, the one of a student who sincerely enjoys writing coursework. Perhaps, it sounds like self-delusion, but really helpful one. Recommended!

Hopefully, those recommendations will help you to dedicate your life to things you admire and also suffer less while writing your assignments. 

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