Tips on How to Pick an Apartment


What do you look for when choosing an apartment? There seem to be so many options these days, it can be a bit overwhelming.

To make your apartment search easy and fun, we’ve put together a quick-and-easy checklist for you to follow when seeking out your next home sweet home – see below:

Do I like what I see?

NoHo Senior Arts Colony

The space you live in should be visually pleasing to your eyes from the start, creating a feeling of home and comfort. After all, this is where you will spend a significant amount of time, so it should feel good!

The way a home looks on the inside and the outside should be a direct reflection of who is living there – you! Look for colors, textures, patterns and layouts that feel inviting, warm, comfortable, and make you feel like you’re home.

Does the environment fit my physical needs?

Living spaces, both indoor and outdoor, should be practical to fit your physical needs. Easy access to living spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and community facilities is vital in order to provide a safe and livable environment.

In addition, be sure you feel comfortable in the neighborhood where the apartment is located. Ask the staff or current residents to introduce you to a neighbor or two, and chat with them about the atmosphere within the local community to be sure they all feel at home.

Do I like the social environment of the apartment community?

If home is where the heart is, in an apartment building, it’s also where your social life can blossom. Social activities are extremely important, especially among apartment residents, because you want to feel like you belong.

When seeking your next apartment, take the time to meet some of the current residents, and see how they interact with each other. In addition, be sure to tour the whole apartment community, and look for spaces that promote social interaction through their design.

For example, community lounges, meeting rooms, balconies and libraries that are both welcoming and comfortable are great places for weekly or daily coffee meetings, book clubs, and other friendly gatherings.

NoHo Senior Arts Colony

Will I stay active living here? Does the community offer activities to keep me engaged?

It’s always important to keep moving, and there’s no better way to do that than within the comfort of your own apartment community.

By seeking out an apartment that offers a variety of classes and activities, you’ll keep yourself interested and engaged in the things you most enjoy.

For example, at the NoHo Senior Arts Colony Apartments, we offer free, on-site classes in a variety of disciplines, including art classes, poetry readings, screenwriting instruction, digital art production courses, theater programs, and exercise classes, including yoga and meditation, among others.

Through these activities, many of our residents have honed their lifelong talents, while discovering new artistic passions and pursuits. These classes and programs also provide residents with the opportunity to meet new people and form friendships with others who share similar interests.

When looking at apartment communities, be sure to check out the activity schedule and ensure that it’s full of interesting classes that will keep you motivated and involved.

NoHo Senior Arts Colony

Apartments at NoHo Senior Arts Colony are now available for lease. The community is for adults age 62+ and features one-and two bedroom apartments. Art and social programs referenced above are available free of charge to our residents. The community also features on-site art openings, theatre previews and play readings by the professional Road Theatre Company. Whether you are an artist or simply take pleasure in the creativity of life, visit or call 855-399-5381. NOHO Senior Arts Colony is located at 10747 Magnolia Boulevard in North Hollywood, California.

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