Tips for Cricket Betting 

Tips for Cricket Betting 

Cricket betting has become hugely popular across India and globally. With high-stakes tournaments like the Indian Premier League (IPL), online betting in India has grown exponentially. While legal restrictions are in place, there are still many cricket betting sites and apps that operate in grey areas. Cricket comes in multiple formats like Tests, ODIs, and T20s – each offering different betting options. Though tempting, cricket betting also carries risks of addiction and financial loss if done recklessly. This article provides helpful tips for those interested in IPL online betting to increase their chances of winning.

Research the teams and players 

Before betting on any match, get to know the competing teams and players well. Go through their recent form, head-to-head stats, past performances in that tournament or venue, injury updates, team changes etc. For instance, the IPL sees frequent online betting app in India on top performers like Virat Kohli or AB De Villiers. But if you find out that Kohli is out of form or returning from injury, you may avoid betting on him scoring runs. Similarly, assess pitch conditions and weather reports if available. This background research on teams and players gives you better-assessed odds.

Understand the different bet types

Cricket offers a mind-boggling range of bet types. Before you start betting, learn about the popular bet types and how they work:

  • Match winner – Betting on one team to win the match
  • Top team batsman – Betting on a player to score the most runs for their team
  • Total runs scored – Betting over/under the set total runs scored in a match 
  • Batsman performance – Betting on a player to score 50/100/200 runs etc.
  • Bowler performance – Betting on a bowler’s wickets taken
  • Method of dismissal – Betting on how a batsman will get out
  • Session runs – Betting on runs scored in a particular session

Knowing these common bet types will help you make informed bets. You can also combine bets across types for higher potential payouts.

Shop for the best odds 

Cricket betting odds vary across different bookmakers. Let’s say in an IPL match between CSK and MI, both teams are given odds of 1.70 and 2.15 respectively on two sites. Betting on CSK would give you higher potential returns on the second site. So always compare odds across 2-3 reputed sites and bet where you get the best value. Opening accounts with multiple bookies gives you more flexibility to choose sites offering good odds for specific bets. 

Manage your bankroll

Have a betting budget for a tournament and stick to it. Start small – don’t risk large amounts on single bets. If you incur early losses, don’t chase them with bigger bets. Be prepared to lose your entire bankroll amount. Use winnings to recoup losses, not your other income sources. Limit overall expenditure to an amount you can afford to lose without impacting finances. Using proper bankroll management prevents overbetting and addiction when on a losing streak.

Time your bets carefully

Cricket is a dynamic sport – momentum shifts happen frequently during a match. Odds offered before the match can change drastically based on events during the game. For instance, if a key batsman gets out cheaply, the odds on that team scoring over 300 runs drop instantly. This is where in-play or in-running betting offers opportunities. Be flexible to bet at different times of the match based on how events unfold. But don’t take undue risks – stick to your betting strategy even during live betting. 

Stay sober

Emotions tend to run high while watching your favourite team or player perform. Betting under the influence of alcohol or drugs impairs judgment. You may end up making foolish bets just because your team lost early wickets or got emotionally carried away after a good performance. Avoid betting when drunk or intoxicated. Stay level-headed and bet as per your plan. 


Cricket betting requires knowledge, discipline and smarts. With a structured approach, background research on teams, understanding bet types, finding the best odds, managing your bankroll wisely, timing bets based on match situations and staying sober – you can significantly increase your chances of winning. But ultimately, have fun and bet responsibly within your means.