T.I- No Mercy

The King of the South T.I. returns with his long awaited seventh studio album ‘No Mercy’. There has been so much anticipation lingering around the release. When the first promotional single ‘I’m Back’ was released earlier this year in March, fans were eagerly expecting something big, especially as it was the first album out since T.I’s release from prison earlier this year.

In my opinion No Mercy, is the best album of 2010 hands down. T.I. never fails to disappoint with featured artists on his album, and he certainly chose a diverse cast, with artists such as Chris Brown, Eminem and Christina Aguilera. The usual swag and cockiness of T.I. remains, but he seems to have made a very optimistic album with many uplifting beats. My overall verdict is not only the best album of 2010 but also T.I.’s best work to date. I honestly can’t praise this enough, go out and buy a copy or download it now.

Author: nohoarts