Three Year Anniversary of Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio

Dance & Fitness Instructor Heather West Celebrates the High Art of Lusciousness

With Three Year Anniversary of Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio

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When dance and fitness instructor Heather West first envisioned opening her own dance studio, she dreamed of creating a space that liberated a woman’s mind, body and spirit through movement.

Juggling the duties of home and career, West recognized that women needed a special brand of nurturing.  Not only did the taxing responsibilities of a day-to-day existence often consume them, but media imagery also bombarded and impacted them in many negative ways, often causing them to doubt and second guess their outer and inner beauty.  She realized that her notion of encouraging one to seek out and add the healing benefits of exercise, to an already full plate, had to be presented in an enticing and innovative manner.

West was compelled by a concept she conceived as The Luscious Lifestyle.”The Luscious Lifestyle” encourages women to take the time out of their day or week to fully nurture and embrace themselves via fitness that feels like play.  She then opened the doors to her Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio, creating a haven for women that offered more than just a laborious routine workout. Located in North Hollywood’s bustling NoHo arts and theater district, West is happily celebrating her three-year anniversary.  “The Luscious Lifestyle” has proven to be a winning idea.

In celebration of their three year anniversary, the studio will host a series of specials offers and workshops throughout November including a Showgirls HOLIDAY Burlesque Workshop with Alikat Rose and a Level 2A and Level 2B Pole Dance Progressive Six Week Series taught by Heather West and Miss Selenia respectively.

The studio is also hosting Pink Pole Parties every weekend through November 18 where one can enjoy pole and lap dance workshops, champagne, strawberries, performances and more with the proceeds  donated to charities that support breast cancer research.  West has also expanded the Luscious Maven boutique offering sexy dance wear, hot shorts, bikinis, stilettos and everything needed to enjoy pole, burlesque and exotic dance classes.  Closig out the year, the Luscious Maven Holiday party, coming up mid-December, will feature live pole and burlesque performances from students and staff.

With classes ranging from pole to exotic dance and burlesque, West and her skilled team of teachers present a fitness agenda that rivals the average gym work out. Stretching, yoga and Pilates meet the pole and dance floor in classes that combine exercise with dance art. Unlike the gym however, West has also fashioned a physical environment where women can feel beautiful, connected, strong and supported.  A virtual enclave of sanctioned femininity, the studio houses six, 14 feet high dance polls surrounded by elegant padded suede and mirrored walls. With a decor that accentuates sensuous sensibility, lusciousness permeates the studio space.

Combining her distinctive and innovative style, specialized curriculum and open approach to teaching, West’s Luscious Maven Studio offers a supportive environment where women come to relax and unwind as they replenish their inner selves with outward expressions of dance and fitness.  Hundreds of women have benefited from  “The Luscious Lifestyle” vision and are now soaring to new heights.


Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studios
Class Description

“There are too few places in the world for women to celebrate their feminine essence,” expresses West. “As a fitness instructor for the past ten years, I found most exercise training and even yoga to be constrained by a lot of rules.   As workouts, many techniques are linear and masculine.  There is nothing wrong with this of course.  But pole and exotic dance can be uniquely feminine, providing wonderful avenues for both strength building and flexibility while incorporating softness. It is important for women to be strong. The world demands this of us. Yet, at our core, there is a lusciousness that sets us apart from men. I believe that it is crucial for us to align with this inner essence as well. Pole dance is an art form that allows this duality of expression.”

Heather West has been teaching as a professional pole dance instructor for six years and is a veteran in Los Angeles’ pole community. Several of the Los Angeles’ area pole studio owners and teachers originally studied under her tutelage. Also trained as a yoga and fire dance instructor, she is a seasoned and talented performance dancer.  With a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from UCLA, and a specialization in education, West has over ten years of teaching experience in a variety of fields including movement and athletic coaching to education for children with special needs.

Weaving together all of her teaching and performance experience to create stimulating classes for women of all ages, shapes and sizes, Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio exists with a focused intention to be a doorway for students to find and explore inspiration.  Sessions are limited to ten students so that instructors can provide personal attention. Class levels vary in intensity and teachers bring their individual style to the program. Some teachers concentrate on the fitness, strength and the satisfaction that comes from a great workout, others focus on sexiness and sensuality and some focus on connection to the music and freestyle flow.

Heather West’s Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio is located at 11135 Weddington St. #113 in North Hollywood, CA and can be reached at 818-824-4091.  Hours of operation are Monday-Sunday from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm.  Explore “The Luscious Lifestyle” and dance with them on the web at

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