Three perfect tips for fashionable health

You could be a style queen, a fashionista of the highest order or the Yves Saint Laurent of your zip code – but have you got the good health to back your claim to fashion fame up?

Just think about the models who strut the catwalks of Paris, Milan, and New York. Do you think they feast on a Domino’s pizza every night? Not a chance.

They wake up at 6am, head to the gym for a workout, chow down on a low-fat breakfast, hit the gym some more, chow down on lunch, have a healthy walk – and all to look as dazzling as possible when they model the latest fashion trends.

Naturally, no one expects you to have such a Full Metal Jacket-style drill for your day-to-day good health. But you do need to boost your diet and beauty regime if you want to feel great.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few top tips to help you get in shape and gain the health to complement your natty outfit!

Top up on minerals

You’ve slapped on enough makeup to fill a cosmetics counter – and, to be frank, you look a little bit like an Oompa Loompa. Foundation and heavy makeup can look caked on, and less healthy than a face that’s cosmetic-free.

It’s a shame because there’s a world of difference between cheap makeup and mineral makeup. A dose of minerals on your visage will provide you with a lighter skin tone and allow your skin some room to breathe, saving you from the blight of pimples.

15 minutes is all you need

When you’re living a sedentary lifestyle, plucking up the energy to exercise can feel like pushing a Ferrari uphill with your nose. After all, you’ve got an entire box set of Game of Thrones to burn through – can you really make the effort to step outside and get fighting fit?

But not every workout has to set your muscles on fire. In fact, 15 minutes a day should be enough to keep you healthy – to begin with.

Once you’re comfortable with your 15 minute session, add five minutes in increments. After a few months, you’ll have a full-blown workout – and you’ll barely break a sweat.

Get super

You’re scoffing Domino’s, guzzling Diet Cokes and topping off your meals with a daily dose of chocolate cake. No wonder you’re struggling with your diet. It’s time to shake things up. Start incorporating superfoods (foods high in vitamins, proteins and minerals) into your meals and you’ll enjoy clearer skin and an outlook that’s brighter than the California sun.

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