Three Essential Interior Design Must Haves

Three Essential Interior Design Must Haves

When designing our home, there are a few things that seem to be a bit more important than others.

For me, they are the dining room chandelier, the sofa in the living room and the bedding in the master bedroom.  These three things set the rooms apart from any other in our home.  Let’s look at these items.

1.  We all know lighting is key for any room.  But do you really know why it’s so important for the dining room? 

Lighting sets the mood for any space.  It helps us to create a festive feeling for a holiday meal for family and friends or even set the tone for an intimate dinner for two.  Either way, it can enhance the space or take away.  It also needs to be in proportion with the room size and the table itself.  We never want a lighting piece to take over a room which would in a sense make it ‘top’ heavy.

2.  The living room sofa is the one piece that is considered to be ‘the bones’ of the room. 

Most of the time you spend the most money and time trying to find the right one.  Many of us will design our space around the sofa.  It takes up the most floor space and is the largest upholstered piece in the room.  So it stands to reason that we are going to make it center stage.  The other pieces become secondary.

3.  Lastly, let’s take a look at the master bedroom; specifically the bedding.  Most of the time the bed is the focal point in the master. 

On a few occasions, there may be a fireplace or a great set of French doors, too.  But, the bedding can take to master bedroom from an ordinary space to something spectacular and inviting.  There’s nothing better than seeing a well-made bed waiting for you at the end of the day.  You don’t need to have a million pillows on the bed, but just enough to make it look great.  As far as bedding goes, you just need to find the right pairing of pieces.  A fluffy down comforter encased in a beautiful duvet cover will really help create that sumptuous feeling.  Pair that with a few matching euro squares and even a bed cover and voila, you’ve got a fabulous bedroom waiting for you at the end of your day.

With this said, it’s all subjective to your own design needs and wants.

Christopher Porikos
Author: Christopher Porikos

Christopher Porikos is an Interior Designer based in the Los Angeles area. He has a background in Retail Visual Merchandising and is educated in interior design. His love of design spans from traditional to contemporary and his style can be as eclectic or clean as the project requires. His unique eye for design comes from his lifelong interest in architecture, history, sketching, painting and the arts.