Thinking about getting rid of your puppy?

Thinking about getting rid of your puppy?

Too much work, ruining my carpet, can’t potty train, chewed my new table, bites my hands and feet, dumps her water bowl over, ate something outside,  $300 vet bill the next day.

This what it is like having a puppy or a two-year-old child. Everyone knows how precious all puppies are and most of us don’t think about the hard work that goes into raising a well mannered dog. You always hear that it is hard raising a toddler when you are past 35 …you just don’t have the energy. Well, a puppy is the same. You need energy and determination to be a good parent to your puppy.

It is hard enough on a dog to be abandoned once but when it happens a second time and sometimes a third time that puppy can be permanently damaged with no hope of finding a good home because the puppy never was trained properly. When I see a parent trying to be their child’s buddy and allows the child to be disruptive and a true brat, I could put the parent in a crate. Dog parents fall into the same category. 

You are the teacher and I promise your dog or child won’t love you less for disciplining them.

Now that I got that off my chest, I want to let everyone know that my husband, Dan and I just adopted an 11-week old pitbull mix puppy from Best Friends Super Adoption Day at Warner Center. Hundreds of dogs and cats got homes on June 3 and 4, however, how many of these animals got “forever” homes. The puppies were adopted quickly but they will also be the first dogs to be returned to the rescue group or city shelter that they were adopted from.

Heed my warning, a puppy is a tremendous amount of work and a serious, consistent commitment. I know in the future when it is time for me to adopt another dog, it will be an adult dog already trained. However, Roxy is now my little angel and I just mark off the days on the calendar until she is a year old or better yet, we are getting a trainer quickly! I didn’t give up my three children when they were toddlers so Roxy won’t be the first!!!!

I am asking all of readers to consider fostering a dog until the rescue group finds a forever home for them or donating blankets, leashes, food bowls, shampoo, etc.

All rescue groups need volunteers desperately and there are a variety jobs that you can do. I volunteered with a local rescue group and I was in charge of holding them, and  showing potential owners how good natured those pitbulls really are. When I was trying to lose weight, my job was walking all the dogs during adoption day at a local shopping mall.

Do you have a rescue group that needs help? Do you feel it is important for more people to know about an animal rights? Do you have petition or anything that you need a call to action for regarding animals? Please let me know and we will consider it to post.