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Things to do in Hollywood

There’s no question that Hollywood is one of the most sought-after places in the world, and for good reason.

Not only is it the center of the film and entertainment industry, but it also has so much more to offer.

Though Tinseltown is popular due to the glitz and glamour that surrounds it, there’s more to it than movie stars and celebrities. Consider these five adventures to keep things interesting on your next trip to Hollywood.

1. Take a short hike towards the Hollywood sign

The Hollywood sign is without a doubt the most iconic landmark of Los Angeles. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Hollywood. 

Built in the 1920s, the famous sign portrays big, white letters that are visible throughout LA and is considered one of California’s most protected landmarks. Though no one is allowed to visit the site, visitors can hike their way fairly close to it.

2. Take a walk down memory lane via the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Equally popular with people around the world is the Hollywood Walk of Fame where the names of important celebrities are immortalized through a set of brass stars.

With more than 2500 names laid out in the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is considered a big part of American cultural history that attracts millions of visitors every year, all year long.

Considered a public space, the Walk of Fame is open 24/7, giving you all-day access to one of Hollywood’s greatest treasures.

3. Participate in a scavenger hunt

If you want to visit some of Hollywood’s finest spots while having a ton of fun, how about participating in a scavenger hunt to spice things up?

Whether you’re with family, friends, or colleagues, companies like cityHunt allow you to enjoy the rest of Hollywood through a variety of games and scavenger hunts that are guaranteed to give you a memorable time. 

If you’re interested in organizing a scavenger hunt for your next visit to Hollywood, you can contact them via their website.

4. Have fun exploring Universal Studios

No trip to Hollywood would be complete without a visit to the world-famous film studio and theme park, Universal Studios.

There are just too many great things to be missed if you fail to visit it. From the gorgeous movie sets, the out-of-this-world costumes, the dazzling special effects show, and the magnificent rides, it’s not surprising that a tour of Universal Studios will always be part of every Hollywood visitor’s itinerary.

5. Visit the Hollywood Museum

Apart from the glitz and glamour, Hollywood is also known for its rich history, and there’s no better way to learn more about it than by a quick visit to the Hollywood Museum.

With four history-packed floors housing some of the largest collections of movie memorabilia, the place is truly a sight to behold. The museum features remarkable exhibits that don various costumes, props, and photos from classic films that have left their mark in history.

From Marilyn Monroe’s infamous white dress to Elvis Presley’s personal bathrobe, the Hollywood Museum will certainly give you an awesome “blast from the past” experience.

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