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There’s a Film Invasion, NoHo.

Film Lineup for Film Invasion L.A. to include seven feature films and 17 short films June 4-11 at Whitefire Theatre.

Film Invasion L.A. is a film festival that brings the work of great filmmakers together and injects them into the heart of Los Angeles. Founded by industry veterans who have spent more than two decades regularly visiting the great film festivals of the world, Film Invasion L.A. looks to discover new talent and give great filmmakers an opportunity to shine. The one-week long film festival opens on Sunday, June 4 and closes on Sunday, June 11.

Film Invasion L.A. presents a diverse collection of works ranging from a hilarious comedies to challenging documentaries. The festival is comprised of seven feature films and 17 short films.


Sunday, June 4 – Sunday, June 11


The Whitefire Theater
13500 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423



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What’s unique about this festival?

Our Board contains several industry professionals with intimate knowledge of film festivals, independent filmmaking, and independent film distribution. This gives Film Invasion L.A. a unique approach to film selection. We have chosen films from challenging genres, films with original subjects, and films that are straight out crowd pleasers. Film Invasion L.A. is a film festival by film lovers for film lovers.

What advice do you give to filmmakers submitting their work to film festivals?

Check that the people involved in the festival have real world experience.

Why did you chose the films and shorts for this festival?

The top concern is always quality, but then comes originality. We wanted daring films that the filmgoing public rarely gets to see at the cineplex. With arthouse theaters disappearing every year, a film festival such as ours can fill the gap. In the 1990’s, arthouses showed exciting, new films that were discovered at Sundance. Today Sundance is filled with Hollywood produced star vehicles. We chose the great films that fall through the cracks.

Is there anything else you’d like to highlight?

The films we are screening feature performers including Marc Maron, Chris Hardwick, Aisha Tyler, Ed Asner, Ione Skye, Denise Richards, Doug Benson and more.

The Feature Films

Tangoborn Menclenty Film Invasion L.A. is a one-week long film festival opens on June 4 - June 11  www.nohoartsdistrict.com
Tangoborn Menclenty

The comedy Tangoborn Menclenty comes from the mind of writer-director E. Grimes Michaels and stars Andrew Friedman. This films tells the tale of a manufactured moron sent by aliens to save the Earth from itself. He falls in love with a hologram and a pimp named Parquet. (June 4, 4:45 PM)

Filmmaker Douglas Mueller brings us the drama Repatriation. In full military uniform, Chad is welcomed back to his Midwestern hometown by new and old friends alike as he works his way from the bus stop through his old stomping grounds. His service and glory days soon fade as he’s reunited with more and more ‘friends’ from his past. (June 11, 12:00 PM)

David Schendel directs the documentary feature The Comedy Club, featuring comedy legends Dana Carvey, Bob Saget, Paula Poundstone, Robin Williams, Kevin Pollak, Bobcat Goldthwait, and W. Kamau Bell. After a fire destroys Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco, defiant owner Tom Sawyer and his crew of comedians rebuild it, hoping to revive the struggling indie comedy scene. (June 4, 12:00 PM)

Twin Cities comes from writer/director David Ash. Twin Cities is the story of John, a middle-aged man with a troubled past and a baby on the way, who is given a terminal diagnosis. He must get his affairs in order, exorcise his demons, and win back his wife’s love – before his time runs out. (June 11, 5:00 PM)

The horror movie Wichita is a shocking glimpse into the dark mind of the modern psycho killer. Directed by Matthew Ward and Justyn Ah Chong, Wichita features twists and turns around every corner. (June 4, 7:00 PM)

Something Fun Film Invasion L.A. is a one-week long film festival opens on June 4 - June 11  www.nohoartsdistrict.com

Something Fun

The comedic drama Something Fun is just that! Veronica returns to her hometown after a year of traveling the United States, reunites with her high school friends, and forces everybody to stop rehashing the past and start doing Something Fun. (June 11, 2:30 PM)

Blue World Order is a sci-fi, action movie set in a world where people are controlled by a virus, but one man remains immune. The key to freeing the survivors might be the last child on Earth… his daughter. (June 4, 9:30 PM)

The Short Films

AMYDEE – Since surviving a physical assault, Amy has been keeping a low profile. But when a young woman turned up dead in her neighborhood, Amy is forced to face her fears again, revealing the her real fight is far from over. (June 4, 2:45 PM)

BECOMING LUCY – Lucy, 15, blames her mother for her father leaving them for a 24 year-old blonde. When she finds out her crush at school likes blondes, she dyes her hair to get the attention of both men.

BERT – A young girl escapes the oppression of her alcoholic mother with the help of her best friend, Bert, the monster who lives under her bed.

DAVE – Two detectives arrive on the scene after a call regarding the death of one of the detective’s family members. While the two dispute over whether it’s a murder or suicide, what they end up discovering is not what they would have ever expected.

DRESS IN BLACK – Hoping to come to terms with why she is unable to get out of bed, Olivia explores her memories and imagination.

Fiebre en la Disco Film Invasion L.A. is a one-week long film festival opens on June 4 - June 11  www.nohoartsdistrict.com
Fiebre en la Disco

FIEBRE EN LA DISCO (Music Video) – During a Cosmic Disco contest, abducted Disco girls compete on an alien Disco ship.

FIND HAPPY (Documentary) – Struggling to find happiness in our modern world filled with stress and worry, filmmaker Grant Gadbois set out on a journey to find the key to happiness, and where else to best find this than the happiest nation on Earth, Denmark.

HIGH & TIGHT – High & Tight follows a shaggy-haired, mysterious outsider who returns to the sleepy town where he committed a double-homicide to confront the father of the man he killed, the town’s barber.

LARIAT – Cara James finally made the tough choice to run away from her abusive family to the home of a close friend to seek safe passage out of the county. However their safety comes into question when Cara’s family tries to track her down.

OBSETHED: MEMORIAL DAY – Seth Coltan can never say the right thing. Unfortunately, his big moment at a funeral is no different.

POLITE EXPRESSIONS – As people come to collect on a woman’s meaningless social niceties which they took literally, she begins to unravel and eventually her secrets come out.

SHARPÉ – Relaxing isn’t an easy task for a middle aged psychopath.

STICKS – Four college students tell scary stories around the campfire, the line between imagination and reality blurs, and they get the feeling they may not be alone on the property.

THAT PARTY THAT ONE NIGHT – Socially and sexually awkward teenager Melissa finds herself alone with her crush after being ditched by her friends at a party one night.

THE BLIND CENTER – In this offbeat mockumentary, outtakes from a fundraising video for a community center for the blind reveal a surprising story of what the camera captured before the final edit.

The Bus Trip Film Invasion L.A. is a one-week long film festival opens on June 4 - June 11  www.nohoartsdistrict.com
The Bus Trip

THE BUS TRIP (Documentary) – An animated travel diary from Israel and Palestine.

For the festival schedule, tickets and passes, please visit the Film Invasion L.A. filminvasionla.com/


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Author: Lisa Bianconi

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Lisa Bianconi
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