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Theatre 68 Company Holds Company Auditions on Saturday, April 22


Did you know? The NoHo Arts District is a theatre district.

We have 20 live professional theatres, and that’s the highest concentration of theatres outside of New York City. We appreciate our theatres’ dedication to NoHo, the art, and audiences’ pleasure. We particularly like to highlight and spread the word about the great work our local theatre companies do.

It’s been a busy and successful time for Theatre 68 as they’ve moved into their permanent home and are celebrating 16 years as a company. Twice a year Theatre 68 holds open auditions looking for dedicated actors/directors/writers to join their community of artists in Los Angeles and New York.

We find that those who are successful in the NoHo Arts District are those that are community minded and active. At the heart of Theatre 68 is “community.”

Here are some of the benefits of being member of Theatre 68:

– Monday Night Actors Gym
– Highly regarded productions
– Bicoastal theatre home for you NY and LA..
– Gorgeous creative community to keep you stretched, inspired and accountable
– Opportunities to write, produce and direct
– A community that gives back with our philanthropy team efforts


Saturday, April 22, 2017


Theatre 68
5112 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601


Email: for audition times

The 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company is a community dedicated to assisting actors, writers, directors and producers in the realization of their creative and professional identity. They’re actually bi-coastal. If you’re a member in L.A., you’re also a member in NYC. At the core of what they do is their weekly, mandatory Monday night GYM, where they work on improv, cold-reading, audition technique and scene work. Participation in Monday night GYM enables you to constantly be working on and sharpening your craft for much less than a cost of a class. Theatre 68 celebrated their 16-year anniversary this past February 14 and the NYC chapter will be six years old on August 29.

Theatre 68 Ronnie Marmo with Joe and Carolyn via
Gala opening of the new Theatre 68 home: Joe Mategna (Criminal Minds),  AD Ronnie Marmo (General Hospital, Back in the Day) and Carolyn Hennesy (General Hospital).  

The theatre that began with 68 cents.

“With only 68 cents in my bank account, I was still convinced that you can make a living doing what you love. It was with this total in my checkbook that I landed my first major acting role. “68 cents” is what I was willing to have in order to realize my dream. Acting is a passion, an art, and a need that fills my gut.

It is this passion that motivated me 12 years ago to pull together a group of the most talented friends I have and create a Company, a Company I lovingly named the 68 Cent Crew. Over the past ten years, the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company has grown into a family of loving, supportive and extraordinarily gifted actors. We are fortunate to have come so far in such a short time, but it could not have come without hard work, commitment, and a fervent love for what we do.

We live through others in our work, but we also know that acting is based in truth and reality. Family, friends, and a support system are what drive any actors success, and so we created a place for ourselves. We know how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to do what we love.

This website includes facts about our company and reviews of what our company has accomplished in the last 12 years. We appreciate your time and consideration. May we continue to move forward together in bringing amazing theatre to Los Angeles.” – Ronnie Marmo. Theatre 68. Artistic Director

Is there anything in particular you’re looking for at this audition?

We look for people who love their craft however far along they may be. We have members who are just starting out and members who are known working actors.

One of my favorite things about the company is the community. So many people say that was the difference between getting overwhelmed and defeated and going home, and staying in LA to pursue their dreams!

We support one another’s projects, we go to one another shows, when one person learns something they share that! When people face something difficult there’s a whole tribe here to help out!

That’s what’s in the heart of the team sitting in on the auditions. Is this person a community member?

ood Bank - Giving back: our Gym Director Paul McGee gets a group of volunteers together regularly to help out at the Food Bank! Caitlin Cardile, Danny Gomez, Vensna
Giving back: our Gym Director Paul McGee gets a group of volunteers together regularly to help out at the Food Bank! Caitlin Cardile, Danny Gomez, Vensna 

What are some of the other responsibilities of being a company member?

We often do food bank together, giving back to the community.
We do tech and box office for one another’s shows.
Everyone writes a one act every year for our One Act Festival, everyone gets coaching on their rewrites, lots of actors have become writers here.

And we all take care of the theatre together – it’s such a beautiful new space!

Bechir Sylvain (Angie Tribeca, Uncle Buck, Fuller House) was the heartbreaking Carl Lee Hailey in Theatre 68's WEST COAST PREMIERE of A Time To Kill via
Bechir Sylvain (Angie Tribeca, Uncle Buck, Fuller House) was  Carl Lee Hailey in the WEST COAST PREMIERE of A Time To Kill

What shows are coming up?

Our Artistic Director Ronnie Marmo will be bringing back his one-man show Lenny Bruce directed by Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds, The Godfather III). Marmo just voiced the audio book for Lenny Bruce’s autobiography.

The Meeting, about Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. is going to be incredible! Our own Bechir Sylvain (Angie Tribeca, Carl Lee Hailey in our West Coast premiere of A Time to Kill) is producing and starring in that powerful piece.

Aaron Craig (Life is Beautiful) and Elizabeth Izzo (actress, writer and star) are back directing after the success of Dancing at Lughnasa! They’re directing Boys of Winter featuring the company’s own Stephen Wu, David Allen Hardy and Jalil Houssain.

And then we have our One Act Festival just around the corner – new members will be able to audition for that. The festival is written, performed, directed and produced by company members, and this year’s theme is New Beginnings. Our NY company just closed theirs and it was terrific!

We just closed a Shanley Festival which featured the Premiere of Poison (starring 68ers Katie Zeiner and Nicola Tombacco).

See you at the theatre!

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