Theater Reviews: “Dogs Are Better Than People” at Whitefire Theatre Solofest.

Theater Reviews “Dogs are Better Than People” Sarah Hunter and Koa

“Dogs Are Better Than People” theater reviews at Whitefire Theatre Solofest
Written and performed by Sarah Hunter
Developed and directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson

Well, I am absolutely the last person to disagree with this trope. I truly believe that the worst dog you’ve ever met is better than every person you’ve ever known.

In fact, it’s a mantra of mine.  So I was delighted to learn about “Dogs Are Better Than People” and its inclusion in the wonderful Whitefire Theatre’s continuing online Solofest. 

Sarah Hunter, the writer and performer, is a hilarious, talented and very busy woman.  As half of Two Heads are Better Productions, she and her partner, Sandra Cruz, produce a web series “We’re Not Dead Yet” (WNDY)  which premieres next month on the show’s Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok!

Sarah also voices Japanese cartoons, is a regular voiceover artist and a published author…so very busy!  

Theater Reviews “Dogs are Better Than People” Sarah Hunter

Still, she has managed somehow, amongst all her other work, to bring something wonderful, uplifting and slightly strange to the stage of the Whitefire Theatre and her avid online fans.  

Theater Reviews "Dogs Are Better Than People"

It’s a love story really, an homage to all the dogs in her life, past and present and how they supported her through the ups and downs of relationships good and bad.  Each of her beloved pets makes appearances.  Each character with their own unique voice, which of course Sarah does brilliantly.

Sarah walks us through her life a little, leash in hand, and we see ourselves in her.  She is funny and warm, and more than a little hard on herself, which of course is totally relatable. But it’s the dogs that own this piece.  Sweet faces, unconditional love, aching to please, always there to love no matter what. No man could ever compare, although Sarah’s current beau does seem up for the challenge.

I need uplifting and positive stories right now!! Don’t we all? And “Dogs Are Better Than People” is perfectly placed to make us smile.  

Profound, clever, humane and hilarious, the show is a showcase for Sarah’s talent and tenacity and her hope for connection to something with less than four legs.  

I absolutely loved it!!!! I’m now going to check out her web show. If it’s half as good as this I will be hooked!!

A shout out to Jessica Lynn Johnson, with more creative escapades than any woman I know! Genius direction and support!!

A portion of the show’s proceeds will be donated to Pasadena Humane, Hand in Paw Rescue and Soi Dog Foundation.

You can find out more about Sarah Hunter, Two Heads are Better Productions and her new webs show here:

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