The World Premiere of “A CAROL CHRISTMAS”

The Group Rep In association with Cooper Sinclair and Allen Hollis presents the world premiere of “A Carol Christmas.” 


Book by Doug Haverty
Music and Lyrics by Bruce Kimmel
Directed by Bruce Kimmel

The Group Rep holiday 2018 offering is an exciting new musical version of a beloved Dickens’ classic.  There is a holiday twist with the world premiere of “A CAROL CHRISTMAS,” with book by Doug Haverty, and direction, music and lyrics by Bruce Kimmel.  We have 17 new songs, with Marley, Cratchit, Tiny Tim all here (just in female form, and names like Blythe, Carol and Trina) celebrating the true meaning of Christmas and theholiday season.

GR ACC CelineBautista MomokaKato EllieBirdwell ChihiroKato AndrewGrigorian Photo KarenStaitman
Celine Bautista Momoka Kato Ellie Birdwell Chihiro Kato Andrew Grigorian Photo Karen Staitman

We are set in today’s America, Pennsylvania to be exact.  Carol (Hartley Powers) runs a hugely successful company, and because she has lost her holiday spirit and compassion over the years, she can’t understand why her staff wants to go home to their families to celebrate.  After all, it’s only Christmas Eve, and she expects them to work, work, work.  Everyone leaves for their holiday, and Carol remains in the office to be visited by echoes of her past.  Joelle (Janet Wood), her departed business partner, Odette (Debi Tinsley) a regression therapist, Karina (Janet Wood) a Russian sShaman, and Mabel (Debi Tinsley), who all remind Carol of how her life used to be.  Boyfriend Blake (John Schroeder) wants his relationship with Carol to return to how it used to be, too.  Enter Trina (Peyton Kirkner), our present day Tiny Tim and daughter to Blythe (Savannah Schoenecker) who works for Carol. Trina suffers from a heart condition, and treatment has been limited.  But Trina finds joy and positivity in everything, bringing the holiday spirit back to its core.

GR ACC SavannahSchoenecker PeytonKirkner Photo KarenStaitman
Savannah Schoenecker Peyton Kirkner Photo Karen Staitman

Well, you know how this story goes.  After all, it is a Christmas classic.  BUT, this is a fun, fun, fun winner of a production with a magical twist on a classic.  Add to that… truly amazing music, vocals and performances by all the cast, with emphasis on Hartley Powers, Peyton Kirkner, Janet Wood and Debi Tinsley.  Doug Haverty’s book/story and Bruce Kimmel’s direction lead this cast to excellence.  Plus, who doesn’t like Christmas carols by the cutest carolers ever.

I have to put in my favorite…the song, “This Christmas.”  Cute, funny, and memorable.  

It’s Christmas and Hanukkah all wrapped into one, with a red and white yarmulke.  Cute as the “Dickens.”  (I couldn’t resist the pun.)

Winner, winner, Christmas dinner…as they say. 

The Group Rep has another hit.  The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate but with “A CAROL CHRISTMAS.”  It will leave you with a smile on your face, and your toes tapping.  Bring your Christmas/Holiday spirit and enjoy.


Cast:  Monica Allan, Ben Anderson, Emily Barnett, Ryan J. Duncan, Kevin Hoffman, Peyton Kirkner, Lola Paja, Lloyd Pedersen, Catarina Pereira, Hartley Powers, Savannah Schoenecker, John Schroeder, Debi Tinsley, Harley Walker, and Janet Wood. Special Guest Young Performers include Celine June Bautista, Ellie Birdwell, Andrew Grigorian, Chihiro Kato and Momoka Kato.

Book By:  Doug Haverty

Music and Lyrics: Bruce Kimmel

Director:  Bruce Kimmel

Producers for the Group Rep: Kevin Hoffman and Gina Yates

Orchestrations and Musical Direction:  Richard Allen

Choreography: Kay Cole

Set Design:  Tesshi Nakagawa

Lighting Design:  Sabrina Beattie

Costume Design:  Morgan Gannes

Sound Design:  Austin Quan

Sound Mixing:  Ivan Irvani

Sound Supervisor:  John Ledley

Stager Manager:  Sophie Lamzik

Assistant Director:  Catarina Pereira

Videography:  Doug Engalla

Production Photography:  Karen Staitman

Public Relations:  Nora Feldman

Social Media:  Drina Krieger

Graphic Design:  Art and Soul

Lonny Chapman Theatre

10900 Burbank Blvd

North Hollywood, CA 91601

Buy Tickets: or (818) 763-5990
General Admission: $25.  Seniors/Students with ID: $20.  Groups 10+: $15.
90 minutes, no intermission

November 16 through December 30, 2018
Fridays & Saturdays at 8:00 pm;  Sundays at 2:00 pm
No Show Friday, November 23rd
 Additional matinee Saturday November 24th at 2:00 pm
Talk-backs November 25th and December 9th
Family Friendly/Appropriate for ages 5 and up

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.