The Whitefire Theatre Solofest Presents “Wild at Hart”

The Whitefire Theatre Solofest Presents “Wild at Hart”- written and performed by Kamakshi Hart.

Directed and developed by Jessica Lynn Johnson

Kamakshi was given her name at an ashram, of course.

Until then she was, as we all are, drifting through her life, full of pain, searching for her place.

This play is written as a history of herself.  It is a passionately told, heartfelt and hard-won journey from child to women and beyond…with more than a little warrior thrown in.

I have seen quite a few solo shows and for the most part they are written and performed as a kind of cathartic exercise, a way to work through lives and to find some purpose, some resolution, but “Wild at Hart” isn’t really like that at all.

While Kamakshi does tell her story and the narrative follows a winding road giving us very deliberate moments of discovery and at times rather profound personal parallels, this play seems not to have been built as a means for Kamakshi to shake off her worries or heal her own wounds.  Kamakshi is too deeply driven for all that.  This play is a means by which Kakamkshi can heal others and through that joyful outreach and inclusivity one imagines she finds solace and peace for herself. But her healing isn’t at all the point…it can’t be.

Her storytelling style is full on, vociferous, authentic and quite beautiful. 

She connects to her audience in such an almost supernatural level, burrowing deeply but softly into their hearts…another way to heal perhaps?

The show is transformational.  It is brave and heartfelt, honest and hilarious, knowing and knowable.  It is far more us too than me too.  Kamakshi Hart is now a spiritual and psychological guide…and I can absolutely understand how she has made her way to her purpose in her life.

This show is performed from time to time and I can only urge you to see it if you can,  it will change you…in a good way.