The Whitefire Theatre’s Solofest Presents: “Tio Pablo”

The Whitefire Theatre’s Solofest Presents: “Tio Pablo” 

Written and Performed by Juliette Jeffers

‘Tio Pablo” is the fifth Solo play from the extremely creative and multi-award-winning Juliette Jeffers. 

Based on a character from her first play “Batman and Robin in the Boogie Down,” “Tio Pablo” is a very cleverly wrought narrative created entirely for the purpose of introducing us to this extraordinary character of Ms Jeffers, based upon her great-uncle Pablo.

We are sent spiraling back through time to accompany two children who are struggling with the realities of their parent’s divorce…they need guidance, they need answers and they need some ancestral love…and who better to give it to them than their great-uncle Tio Pablo.

Set in The Dominican Republic many years before these children were born, this delightful play unfolds around the many characters Ms Jeffers plays.  There are the two children, Tio Pablo and his wife, as well as a mystical woman who engineers the children’s passage and gives them one hour with their family to find the wisdom they so sorely seek.

With the help of the quite brilliant drumming of Thomas Silcott to set the mood and to drive the journey, we are treated to anecdotes and advice and the beautifully, movingly and inspiringly told reminiscences of these wonderful, vivid characters. 

With music, hope, love and sweet, smiling, swaying dance, Ms Jeffers conjures up the spirit of the past and shares her precious family with us…and it is absolute poetry. 

Juliette Jeffers “Tio Pablo” is still touring so do yourself a favor and make some time to spend with her…you won’t be disappointed.