The Whitefire Theatre Presents “The Big Strum Theory”

The Whitefire Theatre Presents “The Big Strum Theory.” Written and performed by Frank Simes.  Directed and Developed by Lisa Verlo.  Produced by Frank Simes and Lisa Verlo.

Frank Simes has been a musician since he was a kid. 

Always growing, always expanding his talents, no matter how hard the journey.  He has played with some of the greatest bands of all time, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Stevie Nicks, Don Henley, and has written and produced his own music, been nominated for numerous Grammy awards and has platinum records galore. The London Philharmonic has even played his compositions. Blimey!

Throughout this career he has always held a fascination for science and how music connects us all.  As he read and learned more and more about the universe and its impact on everything we do he discovered that music was truly the beginning of it everything.  “The Big Strum Theory” is a way for Frank to introduce us to the meta-musical field and the fundamental fiber of the universe.

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This event, “The Big Strum Theory,” is part lecture, part musical performance part spiritual awakening. 

Frank uses his own journey to weave a world of universal harmonics.  He plays us the mysterious heart beat of the galaxy and explains how the stars are waves of light and sound.  He is a natural storyteller, an incredible guitar player, and he joyfully shares his experience of finding profound spiritual enlightenment through playing music.

I know I have experienced an elevated peace of mind and a deep connection with people and the world through the playing and performing of music.  As a singer, I know the state of otherworldliness that can be reached and rarely reproduced in any other way than through using the voice to make harmonious sound.  Vibrating and oscillating, my body humming with energy. Singing together is one the most spiritual things humans can do and music has been around since before the wheel, that’s for sure.  So it’s fundamentally familiar, all this music and life and resonance and peacefulness.  Maybe that’s why Mick Jagger and the rest of the band are still leaping about the stage well into their 70s…it’s all in the music babe.

Frank has a unique ability to touch the face of heaven, he plays like an angel after all, but music can bring us to the same place regardless of how skilled we are.  Something as simple as humming can get you there, or listening to your favorite music, or strumming a guitar or even playing notes on a piano, feeling the steel string vibrating against each other.  Music is the building block of the universe, all those heavenly bodies produce their own sounds, their own scales of energy and music.  After all, we do have to literally break the sound barrier in order to fly fast enough to get close to them.

It’s truly amazing to think of time and space in terms of musical waves.  That our very existence originated billions and billions of years ago from waves of sound becoming matter.  Creativity is the meaning of life, as Carl Sagan famously wrote.  So when we create music we must be getting in touch with our own beginnings, our own part of the whole of creation. 

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This is a weird and wonderful lecture on the connection between science and music and spirituality.  There’s an awful lot of science in this, some proven and long understood and some theoretical of course, but it all makes so much sense.  Like being reminded of something you all ready know, deep in your DNA…amazing.

Frank Simes intends to tour with this wonderful and beautifully unusual evening of enlightenment.  Reaching more people and sharing his insights on science and music is his goal and I can’t think of anything more worthwhile than to bring wonder and peace and positivity to rooms full of people.  We are all seeking hope and healing, and longing for a future full of harmony. How better and more magical than to find it with Frank Simes and his “Big Strum Theory?”

You can keep up with his tour on his website:

He’ll be posting more dates as he books them. Do your self a huge favor, go and spend an evening reconnecting with what’s important, remember we are all made of stars.

Producing Artistic Directors – Bryan Rassmusen

Board Operator – Mitch Rosander

Programmer – Tor Brown

Lights – Derrick MCDaniel

Qlab – Brandon Loeser

Video Sequences – Lisa Verlo