The Whitefire Theatre Presents “Shame of Thrones: The Musical”

The Whitefire Theatre Presents “Shame of Thrones: The Musical.” Directed by Rachael Stein, Erin Stegeman and Ace Marrero.

Extends through August 9!
Mondays at 8PM through July 8
Fridays at 8PM July 12 – August 9

The Whitefire Theatre, 13500 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, 91423

Just when I was really beginning to let the anxiety seep in, with the final episode of the final season of my beloved “Game of Thrones” looming large this Sunday night, I am comforted by the Whitefire and its “Shame of Thrones: The Musical.”

Milo Shearer. Photo: Kacey Spivey

Imagine a “Game of Thrones” where Ned Stark still has his head, the journey is just beginning and everyone can sing…rock.  It’s kind of a “Rocky Horror Show” meets “Lord of the Rings.”  The music is catchy, the actors all perfectly embrace their iconic roles, whether they are the sullen John Snow, the annoying Sansa Stark, the moody Arya, the incestuous Cersei and Jamie or the lovely and large Kharl Drogo and his dragon bride Daenerys.

Ned Stark takes the lead in this gorgeous, hilarious and wonderfully musical homage.  It is his journey through the first season of the show that brings back all those characters we loved to hate. Joffrey, yes, I’m talking about you!  The whole cast is brilliant, perfect for their roles and fully committed to channeling these characters as they battle.

Ace Marrero, Mandie Hittleman. Photo: Kacey Spivey

The entire trip down memory lane is orchestrated by the brilliantly played George R.R. Martin.  As a narrator to his own play, he spites out the storyline as he grazes on Doritos and soda, cavorting with the offspring of his imagination as he bends them to his fickle will. Brilliant!

I loved this.  Most of the audience are Thrones fans of course and there are many many jokes that no one would get unless they were.  But whatever!

This is for the hardcore Throner, those that already miss what is nearly over and those of us who wish they could forget it all and begin again. It’s just not the same when you know what’s going to happen!

Milo Shearer, Peter Berube. Photo: Todd Leykamp

This show was produced initially a couple of years ago and has been touring quite a bit, most recently Off-Broadway, so I suspect that the cast is at their peak performance wise. Perhaps they, like me, can see the darkness at the end of the tunnel and are inspired to fight against impending doom with their soaring rock vocals and the flipping of their rented tresses. And I am eternally thankful that they do.

Ace Marrero.  Photo: Todd Leykamp

If you yearn for more “Thrones” then take a musical trip down the seven kingdoms lane. Dress up, get rowdy and revel in the final moments of a worldwide phenomena.  Something that unites us all, even as it divides us into our houses and our kingdoms and our kings and queens. 

Have some fun, drink some wine and brace yourselves!!! Loved it!!

It’s not a long run, gone by July 8 and only on Monday nights, so don’t dawdle!!



Benji Kaufman, Milo Shearer, Delilah Kujala, Jeff Bratz, Allison Lobel, Ariel Barber, Zach Kanner, Stephanie LeHane, Christopher Robert Smith, Erin Stegeman, Peter Berube, Brad Simanski, Mandie Hittleman, Ace Marrero, Billy Finn, Lena DeLoache, Tony Cavallo