The Whitefire Theatre Presents “Live Pilots Society”

Written by Kate and Wayne Robbins, Jim Geoghan, Ryan Paul James and Jason Maloney.


What a brilliant concept.  Five short plays, all in TV pilot format, all hilarious and totally believable in subject, story and tone. 

With fully fleshed out characters, classic sitcom design and a perfect excuse for the strange and unusual, the quirky and the oddly profound.

The storylines range from a wild west Uurologist/sheriff, a mob-backed, high-concept restaurant, a billionaire social media influencer colonizing Mars, a brain injured, retired football pro/stay at home dad and a fired Wall Street big shot slumming it as an elementary school teacher’s assistant.

These might seem a little far fetched and that is of course part of the point. But they all actually work anyway, quite magically.  I can totally imagine a studio executive somewhere giving a green light to any one of these.  In fact, I am ever so hopeful that they will!

The performances are wonderful, fully committed as only the best comedy can be, and everyone is having a blast, which, of course, translates directly to the audience. 

It’s like the weirdest, craziest dream you’ve ever had written up and played out before your very eyes.  But funny…very, very funny.  The Whitefire Theatre has a gift for bringing shows to their audience that boldly entertain and invent new genres and “Live Pilots Society” is yet another genius idea made real. I absolutely loved it! 

We all need a good laugh these days…and this is it!

It’s running every Tuesday night at 8pm now through November 19…ao don’t dawdle!!

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Starring: Janette Auguar, Dan Anderson, Rachel Borbas, Jim Berillo, Devin Caldarone, Cosette Collins, Victor Dante, Mike Dye, Thomas F. Evans, Jacqui Grilli, Megan Govi, Alan Heitz, Kenny Johnston, Joanna Kelly, Acela Kuandykova, Brandon Loeser, Sarah Long, Milia Mae, Audrey Mitchell, Jason Moloney, LauraLee O’Shell , Dallas Schaefer, Alexandra Zepeda.

Directed by Bryan Rasmussen.

Produced by Jake O’Flaherty.

Technical Director: Brandon Loeser.

Stage Managers: Rachael Stein, Rachel Borbas.

Front of House Manager: Neda Ganjeh-Tabe.

Costumer: Dayna Lucas