The Whitefire Theatre Presents “Fall Shorts”

The Whitefire Theatre presents “Fall Shorts,” directed by Bryan Rasmussen and produced by Jake O’Flaherty.

Running from September 15 through October 30 Tuesdays at 8pm @ The Whitefire Theatre, 13500 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, 91423

Boy do we all need to laugh…. The wise folks at the Whitefire Theatre are having their annual comedic extravaganza, a welcome respite to the chaos of our world right now. 

“Fall Shorts” is a collection of sweetly short sketches inspired by the actors of the Whitefire Theatre Company. 

Sibling rivalry, haunted houses, the skills of selfies, horrible misogynistic job interviews, weird ornithological love and weirder wanna be Viking employees, demon possessions, dress dilemmas and the glorious union of sperm and egg…”Fall Shorts” is a cornucopia of oddities and humor.  I particularly appreciated the brilliant effort to be creative and clever in the design and wardrobe department.  With sketch shows it’s easy to forget attention to detail or not worry too much about the costumes etc., but there were some really excellent and very funny ideas beautifully executed in this show and it really added to the evening.

The best kind of sketch shows have a kind of wild and psychotic variety to them and “Fall Shorts” is no disappointment.  One sketch followed quickly by the next, all wonderfully organized and fluidly arranged.  Great performances too by everyone involved and the audience were certainly having a lot of fun throughout, as was I.

There is something very special about The Whitefire Theatre. The shows are always excellent, they have a true commitment to quality and diversity and this sketch show is just one more example of that.  It’s funny and smart and you’ll absolutely love it!  I highly recommend “Fall Shorts.” We need to support our local theatre and the wonderful work they work so hard to produce all year round!!!  Bravo!

“Fall Shorts” is only on till the end of October, so get a move on!!

Starring: Janette Auguar, Heidi Appe, Patrizia Barretto, Devin Caldarone, Michael Dye, Tom Evans, Jackie Falcon, Eva Fleur, Jacqui Grilli, Sam Kahn, Acela Kuandykova, Tania Pearson-Loeser, Brandon Loeser, Rachel Borbas- Loeser, Sarah Long, Milia Mae, Linda Nile, LauraLee O’Shell, Scott Russell, Josh Trovato.

Directed by Bryan Rasmussen.

Produced by Jake O’Flaherty.

Technical Director: Brandon Loeser.

Stage Manager: Tania Pearson-Loeser.

Front of House Manager: Neda Ganjeh-Tabe.

Costumer: Dayna Lucas.