The Whitefire Theatre Presents “Dating With No Nipples”

Written and Performed by Lisa Kate David. 

“Dating with no Nipples” is an autobiographical solo show.  It was created during an almost apocalyptic time in Lisa David’s life. 

She found out her husband was a sexual deviant, gave birth to her daughter and was then diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy.  Quite a lot for one lifetime let alone a couple of years!  But Lisa is nothing if not a survivor.  She battled her way through a horrible divorce and the consequent and rightful interment of her husband, due in no small part to her undercover work with the LAPD while recovering from her several surgeries.  But this was not enough life for her, oh no.  Lisa was hell-bent on making something positive out of all the darkness and for her, that manifested itself into online dating. Hence the title of her show.

It’s a lot.  In fact, it’s so much it spans double the usual time taken for a solo show. I actually thought for a few minutes it was over at intermission…what a rookie I am!

I have seen many, many solo shows, but never one with this much material.  She takes those couple of years, full of heartache and terror and danger and turns them into a story of strength and humor and love.  Her spirit is effortlessly endearing.  She is everyone’s idea of the perfect best friend, mother, daughter and hero.  Lisa is brilliant in a decidedly understated way.  Her genius is found in between the drama.  In her infallible love for her daughter, in her determination to be happy, in her unwavering resolve to put her revolting ex-husband behind bars and as far out of her daughter’s life as possible.

Lisa David is beautiful inside and out and her masterful storytelling, magical timing and deeply moving presence on stage is utterly magnificent. 

She takes us through some of her most hilarious and hair-raising dating experiences, acting them out for us with her incredible comedic skills.  Each date more incredible than the last and all very, very funny.

Cancer sucks.  I have lost my mother and my father to it and understand how important it is to share our journeys and how that gives us more strength and courage and connection in a community none of us would ever choose to be a part of.  But Lisa’s particular story, of her cancer as well as her struggles with her dire domestic situation, proves that there is hope in even the most hopeless place.  She wittily and wisely weaves her tale, through the pain both physical and emotional, holding her daughter high as a beacon for a better and healthier and most deserved life.

I’m sure I was hardly the only one in the theatre moved to tears, of joy as well as sorrow. 

It’s a beautiful play, exquisitely performed by a truly lovely soul.  Lisa David is a superstar, there’s no doubt about it.  She has that precious gift of self-effacing joy and stories so crazy they must be true.  If you need some uplifting. If you seek light and love and connection then see this show…I absolutely loved it!!


Running October 6 through November 10, Sundays at 7pm, and 3pm on November 3 – 10

The Whitefire Theatre, 13500 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, 91423

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.