The Wanted

Band: The Wanted Album: The Wanted Location: London

Newest boy band in the UK music scene The Wanted have released their self titled debut album. Their number 1 hit ‘All Time Low’ was exceptionally catchy and surprisingly unique for a manufactured boy band, and after hearing it I had high hopes for this band.

The Wanted – All Time Low

To my disappointment however most of the album is sadly a letdown. Listening to the album I was given a selection of the same generic wash of music that comes from a typical boy band; with most of the songs sounding pretty much the same. The only other track that I felt really stood out was their other hit ‘Heart Vacancy’.  I noticed how they suitably placed their two hits tracks one and two on their album. Maybe I am being a little harsh as it is the boy’s first album, but after listening to the full album I’m really not impressed with it, especially after all the media attention it got. My verdict, the lads should go away mature a bit and come back with something a bit more heartfelt.