The type of food you are craving could reveal something about you

Food Craving

Food Craving

So, you have a sweet tooth? Maybe you love munching on salty foods? The various kinds of foods that we crave and think about could mean that we have some emotions and feelings that we need to harness, understand, and control.

Meat: Could mean that you are angry. 

Sweets: Might be a sign of depression

Ice Cream: Might mean that you are anxious

Salty Snacks: Could mean that you are stressed

Pasta: May signal loneliness or sexual frustration

Being in tune with yourself and your emotions is important. Make it a point to do at least 20 minutes of silent meditation per day. This helps us to pay attention to our mind-body, and be more in control of emotions and stressors that derail us from enjoying and getting the most fullfillment out of every day.