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The Top 5 Company Cars According To Hollywood’s Best Movies

The Top 5 Company Cars According To Hollywood’s Best Movies

Hiring a company car is unlikely to leave you with a Ferrari or a Porsche, but that doesn’t mean that your company car has to be boring. Ensuring that your car is efficient, yet comfortable and professional for any long drives is imperative for any business, as you are ultimately representing the company. While Audi’s, BMWs, and Honda vehicles tend to be the cars which are most opted for when it comes to company vehicles, Hollywood takes a different approach. Here, we’re taking a look at the top company cars – Hollywood style.

Only Fools and Horses Supervan

If you’re looking to get rich quick, then we wouldn’t advise taking the same avenues as Derek and Rodney Trotter in Only Fools and Horses. However, their company car is certainly an iconic vehicle, as Trotters Independent Trading Co. raced around in the bright yellow Reliant Regal Supervan. Their questionable schemes were often produced from the back of their van, and while these often ended in their deals backfiring (which is not unsurprising as they often dabbled in the black-market), these Peckham boys really did love their company car.

 Ghostbusters Cadillac Miller Meteor Ecto-1

There’s probably never going to be a more iconic company car than the Cadillac Miller Meteor Ecto-1 featured in Ghostbusters. This ‘high tech’ ghost busting machine transported the team to each and every destination, and carried plenty of ghost exterminating gadgets and gizmos. With their proton packs in tow, the ghostbusters would pile into this car and on came the theme tune! With plenty of excitement and adventure, who wouldn’t want to turn up to work in this incredible vehicle?

James Bond Aston Martin DBS

If you’re suave and swanky, and you want to be the next James Bond, then perhaps it’s time to convince your company to provide you with an Aston Martin DBS as opposed to the Renault Clio they were considering. While this is highly unlikely, unless you’re a high net-worth individual, we can all dream, right? The Aston Martin DBS was first given to 007 on his first assignment in Casino Royale, and with plenty of incredible spy additions such as a poison analysis kit and a defibrillator (just in case), the Aston Martin DBS is often the dream car of many businessmen and women alike.

Batmobile Tumbler

The more extravagant of us however, may turn away from the Aston Martin DBS, and instead look in awe one of Batman’s most phenomenal machines – the Batmobile Tumbler. First featuring in the Dark Knight film, the prototype armoured tank which was originally designed as a bridging vehicle for the military, is certainly a show-stopper. With plenty of weapons, and the ability to boost so fast the vehicle was able to ‘jump’ without a ramp, this vehicle really is one of the best company cars Hollywood ever produced. We’re not entirely certain that you’d be able to cruise NoHo in this vehicle without attracting the attention of the police, but it’d certainly be worth the experience.

The A Team GMC Vandura

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the A-Team? Well you may be able to purchase a Chevrolet GMC Vandura to truly replicate the experience (although this vehicle is probably best suited to those in construction or trade). The A Team GMC Vandura is iconic, and regularly carried the team through the Los Angeles underground on their action-packed missions. With plenty of these vehicles up for grabs, your dream may be able to become a reality – but perhaps not quite suitable for a company car.