The Story of My Divorce (and more), Works and Words

More than a story about divorce.

We here at are lovers of all art. That’s obvious. But the team also admires those who contribute to the art world in any way possible. So it’s a pleasure to have chatted with our friend, art writer and artist Andrea Monroe about her upcoming art show, “The Story of My Divorce, Works and Words,” on Saturday, July 11, 2015 at Cactus Gallery. It is an art and poetry presentation of her journey to freedom. Her works are symbolic and make you smile because we all can find some connection to her story because it has been our own in some way, shape or form. So mark your calendars and give a big NoHo shout out to artist Andrea Monroe! See you at the gallery.

WHEN: Artist Reception: Saturday, July 11 from 6-9PM
Show runs through August 4
WHERE: Cactus Gallery 3001 N. Coolidge Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90039

What is the “The Story of My Divorce, Works and Words” show all about?

My emotional journey through my divorce…the ultimate decision to end my marriage (the warrior), the letting go of the Cinderella fairy tale (the victimization), the grief (and sadness), the possibilities of a happier life (the hope), and healing (transformation).

Andrea Monroe

What will the evening entail?

A series of poems will be recited by invited readers and myself in front of the paintings in which they were created which will lend itself to be more of a storytelling evening. I will also be showcasing paintings from my L.A. series about historical figures of Southern California and the streets for which they were named, as well as two new paintings I’m beginning about women.

How did this help you through your divorce?

The paintings were created first…sort of like a doodle in the beginning of how I felt about what was happening to me. The process of painting was a meditation and the fact that I kept creating more paintings in the series became the journey through all the emotions I was experiencing. They became my story, but I didn’t think the viewer would actually understand what I was trying to say, so I created the words to illustrate them. It’s obvious I love metaphors and symbolism and using these seemed to be the best way to describe this journey without bringing in the “downers” of divorce.

Andrea Monroe

What are you currently working on?

The newest paintings are a result of a rather insulting comment I received from an ex boyfriend who called me a harlot. I still don’t know what made him say that, but it generated enough pissed-offness in me to paint the first in the series that I did indeed call The Harlot. It was my intention to follow suit on this theme, but the images of the women I’m doing are actually more beautiful in energy than they are of promiscuous nature.

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