The Script – Science & Faith

Irish Boys, The Script, released their sophomore album Science & Faith recently, with one smash hit and a number 1 album already, the follow up CD hasn’t done too bad so far. In the second album we see The Script take a deeper and personal direction; however, they have still kept the same unique sound we heard on the first album. 

Their emotional first single from the new album ‘For the First Time’, was given great reception peaking at 4 in the UK singles charts. In an interview the boys stated that this album address the hardship of constantly being on the road, whilst reassuring us that they are not complaining about their life, they are simply stating they miss their family and friends at home. The Script seems to have put their heart and soul into their second and album and it has definitely paid off.

I would have liked to have included a video here but apparently they don’t like to share their music…hmmmm!  Link to video: