The recent innovation of  CBD vape technology

The recent innovation of  CBD vape technology
The recent innovation of  CBD vape technology

Do you want to know about CBD vapes and its technology? Are you aware with the innovation in the CBD vaporizing industry? If no, this article is a must read for you.  Vaping technology has come a long way. Especially, since the days of cheap gas station cig-a-likes and vape pens that were feeding us crude, PG-laden e-liquids. Howver, now there are more options than ever to satisfy your vaping needs. For instance, from easy to use, dual coil atomizers, to the most advanced top-filling, sub-ohm tanks with leak proof e-liquid systems. And one thing is for sure: There’s no shortage of amazing new innovations in vaping technology hitting the market on a weekly basis!

We’re going to take you through some of the best innovations in vaping technology over the years and what they mean for your vaping experience today.

The history of vaporizers is as long and storied as the one for smoking itself. Moreover, CBD vaping technology has come a very long way in its relatively short history. And it’s now at a point where it can accomplish some pretty incredible things.

Ancient Vaporizers: Hookahs

The first vaporizers on record were invented nearly 2,000 years ago. The hookah was initially used by the upper classes to smoke tobacco. However, it was soon adopted by everyone in the country and remains popular to this day. This ancient device worked much like modern vaporizers do — hot coals were placed atop a water pipe to heat up flavored tobacco, and the smoke was pulled through the water to cool it down. Nowadays, many types of vaporizers have come in the market. Moreover, they have come with the new innovation. For instance from taste to style, the vaporizer market has got a rapid change. Moreover, all of the vaporizers have different prices. So, you can buy the one which goes with your budget and the specification you want. In addition to this, portable vaporizers are gaining a huge popularity in the market. So, you can also avail them. 

The Rise of Modern CBD Vaporizers

CBD vaporizers didn’t really change much for hundreds of years after that. Although the old-fashioned hot coal method of vaping still exists today, modern vaping devices have taken things to a whole new level — especially in recent years. In fact, so much has changed since 2011 that there’s even an entire website dedicated to documenting all of the major changes to e-cigarettes over time. We’ll go over some of those changes below as well as some other major advances in vaping technology over the last few years. On the other hand, If you are new to the world of vaping, you might be surprised to see how many different types of vapes there are out there. You can check all different types here on lookah vaporizers.

CBD vaporizers come in different shapes and sizes. They can be as small as a pen or as big as a printer. Here are some of the types of vaporizers that you can buy:

Vape Pens

CBD Vape pens are the smallest vaporizers. They are easy to conceal and fit into small pockets. Moreover, vape pens also have the highest nicotine content. You can find vape pens with refill cartridges or vape pens that are disposable. The disposable ones usually don’t last long, so it’s better to get one with replaceable batteries instead. Since they contain higher nicotine levels, they tend to create a stronger throat hit compared to e-cigarettes.

Mods and Box Mods

These are larger than CBD vape pens, but they offer more power. However, mods give you more control over your vaping experience and allow you to create enormous clouds of vapor. However, they don’t have as much flavor as other vaporizers due to the larger coils used in their heating element.

Desktop CBD Vaporizers

CBD Desktop vaporizers are very powerful and can be used at home only since they need to be plugged into a power outlet for them to work. Moreover, hey come in two forms: whip-style or forced-air vaporizers. The former uses a tube that draws. So, this way the consumer can easdily consume the smoke. 

Desktop vaporizers include:


This style involves filling a balloon with vapor using either a fan (forced air) or manual inhalation (whip). Moreover, the balloon is then detached and inhaled from like one would with a traditional hookah device.

Forced Air 

This type uses a fan to force the heated air through the herb chamber or into a balloon bag attachment. In addition to this, forced air vape systems are notorious for producing large clouds of vapor and are popular among vaping enthusiasts.


This type requires you to inhale manually through a tube called a “wand.” In this style, hot air is pulled over your dry herb material without the use of a fan and is filtered through water before reaching the mouthpiece.

In short, there are many kind of CBD vaporizers available in the market. You can use the one which fits your needs. Moreover, you can also go with budget-friendly CBDvaporizers. Since the market has variety of CBD vaporizers that would comes under your budget.