The Power of Creative Care


Experience Talks is back…as a live Zoomcast!

EngAGE CEO Tim Carpenter kicks off the conversations with MacArthur Genius Grant winner Anne Basting for a timely look at how creativity and imagination may be the most powerful tools we have to get through these difficult times. Basting is the founder of TimeSlips and the author of the newly released book, “Creative Care: A Revolutionary Approach to Dementia and Elder Care.”

WHEN: June 24 11 am PST

(If you can’t make the zoom cast you can head over to the engagedaging YouTube channel)

EngAGE's Experience Talks zoom cast with author Anne Basting for a look at how creativity and imagination may be the most powerful tools we have to get through these difficult times via

From author Anne Basting:

“I have always felt an urgency to getting these tools to caregivers. But in this historical moment, the need is multiplied 1000-fold by the closing of social programs for people with dementia and the desperate need for meaningful engagement with elders now on lockdown.

This book chronicles my story of how I came to find the power of creative care; the elements of it and how it can be infused into care relationships; and how creative care practices can help transform our care systems themselves.

In the moment of COVID-19, everyone is a caregiver. And creativity not only is a helpful tool, it’s our new way of being in this unprecedented time.

I hope you find these stories both soothing and inspiring. The team at my non-profit TimeSlips is working furiously to bring more and more creative engagement tools to caregivers in every setting. Visit the Creativity Center at for more information.”

The Experience Talks award-winning team has many years of experience in radio production, journalism, issues of older adults and Baby Boomer trends, and has made a pact to notice that stories come in all ages. Experience Talks is a program of EngAGE EngAGE is a nonprofit that takes a whole-person approach to community and creative, healthy aging by providing arts, wellness, lifelong learning, community building and intergenerational programs to thousands of seniors and families living in affordable senior and multi-generational apartment communities in California, Oregon, and Minnesota.

By delivering life-enhancing, tailored programming in well-being, the arts, lifelong learning and intergenerational opportunities, seniors and others are enabled to use their acquired skills in real-world ways to gain enrichment and mastery. Through our programs, participants experience the empowerment of intellectual and creative engagement, and improve their health at the same time. We have chosen housing as our platform to deliver programs that fully engage residents and provide them with dynamic intellectual and creative challenges as well as a healthy sense of self-fulfillment, value, and community, all at no cost to the participants.

The EngAGE mission is to empower people – intellectually, creatively, and emotionally – to do what they do best for the rest of their lives. Where others see a problem, we see potential. Where loss, decline, or deficit are perceived, we see opportunity and capacity.

EngAGE created the North Hollywood Senior Arts Colony, which opened in late 2012 with all the amenities of the prototype, but with the addition of a state-of-the-art 70-seat theater and a resident professional theater company, The Road Theatre Company. In addition to many other programs, EngAGE organizes art shows of professional artists from Southern California in the spacious art gallery.

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