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The Pizza Press

The Pizza Press in the NoHo Arts District. Check back often for monthly special pizza and beer combos!

Here’s this month’s Pizza Press special offer.

Pizza Press North Hollywood January deal www.nohoartsdistrict.com

NoHo is becoming quite the favorite foodie’s destination spot. 

With as wide a choice of culinary styles as anywhere else in the city and some great bars and late night hideouts, we NoHoians are quite literally spoilt for choice.

One of the latest arrivals to NoHo, in the stylish new build at 5077 Lankershim Blvd., is The Pizza Press, a tasty twist on the NY pizza of old and a pretty great craft beer bar to boot. 

pizza ress 2

The menu is simple, an interesting collection of signature pizzas, a few salads and a good assortment of desserts.  But the trick of the Pizza Press, what makes it more than just any other pizza place, is the spectacular quality of the fresh ingredients…everything tastes just like it was fresh from the garden or the farmers market. Grape tomatoes, sweet red onion, cilantro, Crimini mushrooms, fresh basil, smoked Gouda, artichokes, bell peppers, spinach, roasted zucchini and squash, sausage, Kalamata olives and on and on and on… 

The crust is very thin, almost serving as a vehicle for the toppings rather than a doughy, bready base, but it’s really good.  You can, of course, assemble your own pizza just the way you would at home, choosing from several sauces, red, white and spicy. How about a nude base if you are feeling a bit adventurous?

pizza press 3

You make your sauce choice and your topping selection, a little bit of this, a little bit of that and voila!  The chefs pop it in the oven and within a few minutes, thanks to the ultra-thin crust, your pizza is ready to go!  Just enough time to take a few swigs of beer and relax in a rather comfortable and spacious dining room.  It’s actually a particularly lovely restaurant, light and airy and it can easily seat a big crowd if you are part of one and it’s a great place for a meeting or pre-theatre group outing.  They even have parking, which is in ridiculously short supply in NoHo as we all know! 

Add to that their wonderful outside terrace, with a nod to our NoHo dog lovers, pooches allowed, they even provide water for them! 

I was really impressed with the welcoming, smiling and very helpful staff, too.  Happy to see you but not over eager…attentive but not fawning…perfectly suited to the laid back atmosphere and the seriously good food. 

I loved the decor too. The whole ‘newsy’ theme is great, wonderful photos of young street kids selling papers in NY years ago, the theme running over to the signature pizza names, The Herald, The Chronicle, The Gazette and The Sun.  When you build your own pizza it’s called ‘publishing’ which is rather cute too. 

Overall The Pizza Press is a lovely addition to our NoHo food emporium.  It feels very European, the beer feels like a casual but thoughtful addition, you are definitely not eating in a bar, if you know what I mean. The Pizza Press manages to mix something reliable, familiar and comforting with enough oomph to make you smile and some great craft beers to make you giggle.

5077 Lankershim Blvd #A
North Hollywood, CA 91601
11am – 12am


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