The Other Art Fair | One Platform to Bless Local Artists this Thanksgiving Season

As we approach Thanksgiving, Americans across the globe will be counting their blessings.

Some of us may also be in a place to bless others within the art community by supporting works of art. Whether it’s the purchase of an artpiece or a donation, The Other Art Fair offers a socially-distanced option for backing the arts community.

The Other Art Fair provides one way to connect and purchase directly from artists this Thanksgiving Holiday Season. Alongside Saatchi Art, The Online Studios – The Other Art Fair generated an online platform, delivered right to your home. Curated from the best emerging talent, The Other Art Fair showcases LA artists and an accompaniment of other Online Studios across the world.

Whether you’re looking for artists who specialize in paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture, prints, or otherwise, The Other Art Fair has your back. Ever wanted an artist version of a birch-box or Little Passports? The Other Art Fair offers weekly curated and themed collections which cater to an array of budgets; better yet, these creations are delivered direct to your inbox!

If you’re not necessarily in a position to purchase, The Other Art Fair even offers up non-committal artist profiles and online Q&A sessions. The Other Art Fair even gives the lifeline to online studio tours!

This Thanksgiving sits at a bookend of a wild 2020 with a hopeful cap to uncertainty; one thing we can be certain of though is that our artists will be there for us if we are there for our artists!

Platform:           The Other Art Fair


Duration:           Ongoing

Raleigh Barrett Gallina
Raleigh (Barrett) Gallina from LA ART. Raleigh has been writing for the NoHo Arts District since 2015. Raleigh explores everything from large-scale commercial exhibitions to gratis solo exhibitions showcased by amateur galleries. While her preferences are ever-evolving, her favorite exhibitions include large-scale sculpture or paint, as well as artwork which holds socio-cultural underpinnings. She hopes that by capturing a large array of media and voices (including that of curators and the artists themselves), that readers are able to enjoy and voyeur out of their comfort zones.