The NoHo Time Machine #tbt

Hop in the NoHo time machine and see the evolution of one of the businesses on Magnolia Blvd.

Did you know? Magnolia Blvd. used to be known as Auto Body Row until the arts moved in, and then more restaurants and bars came to join the NoHo Arts District.

North Hollywood photographer and filmmaker Dima Otvertchenko captured El Tejano and we get to take a look backwards from today to what it started out as.

A big NoHo thanks goes to Dima for taking us back.  @dimalemur at @bluehourvalley

El Tejano Dima Otvertchenko via
El Tejano today. Photo by Dima Otvertchenko. 

Bow & Truss before it became El Tejano
This was the property’s first restaurant/bar. Bow & Truss before it became El Tejano. (Thanks, Google.)

El Tejano via
El Tejano -> Bow & Truss -> Parking Lot. (Thanks, Google.)

El Tejano -> Bow & Truss -> Parking Lot -> Auto Body Shop. (Thanks, Google.)

The neighborhood sure has come a long way. Special thanks goes out to all the theatres, music studios, dance schools and creative folks that moved here to make this one-square-mile of North Hollywood Los Angeles’ official arts district.

Meet Dima, one of the folks that makes North Hollywood the creative neighborhood it is.

Dima Otvertchenko NoHo Time Machine via
Dima Otvertchenko

Why did you create your Instagram @bluehourvalley?

Blue Hour Valley came about because, like many people, I overlooked the Valley’s appeal until I moved here. Now I’m like that kid who discovers a new band and absolutely has to tell everyone he knows. I picked blue hour (twilight) because it’s the filet mignon of daylight: the rarest and softest slice of the day when the cool blues of the sky slowly give way to the warmer glows of lamps. You get this beautiful contrast – and a way to see the 818 in a unique light.

What do you like about NoHo and what would you like to change or see more of?

I love how buzzy NoHo has gotten in the last 10 years. Every year more and more talented creatives are calling it home, and I thrive off living in that kind of community. And on top of that, it hasn’t gotten so big that we’ve lost that chill suburban vibe. However, I am concerned about the influx of money and the fact that almost all new housing sprouting up is luxury. I would hate for an arts community to be overtaken by corporatist gentrification so that only wealthy artists can afford to live here. (I’ve recently switched buildings in the neighborhood because the lease renewal in the one I’ve been in for 4 years has shot up 25% overnight.)

With @bluehourvalley I’d love to highlight the area’s arts, culture, history, food, and any emerging talent. I’m a community-minded person by nature – so I’m always interested in what’s going on in my neighborhood.

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