The NoHo ArtWalk

Get ready for every third Thursday because it’s NoHo ArtWalk time! Next ArtWalk is Thursday, May 18.

Remember the unofficial motto is: “NoHo is only as great as its people.”

We appreciate our local community groups’ efforts to create, support and highlight the arts in our growing arts district. We’d like to introduce you to the folks at EMX who organize the monthly NoHo ArtWalk.  Save the date for the next NoHo ArtWalk on Thursday, May 18.

What is the NoHo ArtWalk?

EMX organizes the free NoHo ArtWalk as a showcase of Visual Artists, DJs, Producers, Dancers and Vocalists that takes place on third Thursdays every month in the NoHo Pedestrian Plaza. The goal of the ArtWalk is to stimulate the economy of the NoHo Arts District and bring new attendees in to also help local businesses.

[Editor’s note: THE NoHo Pedestrian Plaza is the alley off of Lankershim Blvd. at Magnolia Blvd.]

When is the ArtWalk?

It’s held the third Thursdays every month 6pm-10pm with After-Party @ Big Wangs from 9pm-2am.

What made you decide to create the ArtWalk?

I didn’t actually create the NoHo ArtWalk, EMX picked up the ArtWalk after Daniel Werder had founded it. Daniel was starting a tattoo shop in NoHo and thought this would compliment the NoHo Arts District. I was planning to start an ArtWalk of my own, and I called Daniel to book some performers. He ended up not wanting to manage the ArtWalk so I took it over because of my experience managing events at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

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What do you envision for the ArtWalk in one year?

In one year we plan to cover the area from Chandler all the way to Magnolia, and have a system in place that partners with NOHOARTSDISTRICT.COM to stimulate local business in the NoHo Arts District through the NoHo Card.

Do you need volunteers? If yes, what do you need help with?

We do not need volunteers at this time because myself and all of the NoHo ArtWalk Visual Artists (including Xanthia Pink, Amy Kells and Chill Factory) and EMX Performers (including Stop Plate Techtonics and DJ Sensory) volunteer time already to make the event happen every month.

What do you like best about NoHo?

The thing that I like most about our NoHo ArtWalk is the feeling of community that it brings to North Hollywood, and that the event unites so many different walks of life (age, gender, income levels, ethnic diversity, etc.) with art as the common bond. I love walking around and introducing people to each other to help create friendships and bonds that are priceless that would not have happened without EMX or the NoHo ArtWalk .

Special thanks to the City of North Hollywood, and the NoHo BID for helping to make this very special event happen on the third Thursday every month @ NoHo Pedestrian Plaza!

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  1. The NOHO ART WALK appears interesting and very entertaining. i look forward to participating in the next walk. How do i get myself registered to be able to be part of the next walk. I am a visual Artist( painter). Thank you.