Written by Steve Nevil

Directed by Arden Teresa Lewis

Produced by David Mingrino and Linda Rand

We have needed a play with a western theme in the NoHoArtsDistrict, and now we have one at Theatre West. 

Steve Nevil has written a great new play “THE NIGHT FORLORN (or, WAITING FOR GODSFORD)” set on the western prairie.  Now, there’s been a hangin’ in town, and two cowpokes have been told to wait on the prairie for their leader, Godsford.  He’s got a “plan” so they wait, wait, and wait some more.  Now this may sound familiar to some of you, and yes, it is a reimagined “WAITING FOR GODOT.”  But it’s a western, folks.  How great is that!?

Percy (Jim Beaver) and Elvin (J. Downing) are our somewhat dimwitted cowpokes that flee town where a hangin’ has taken place.  They’re not sure why they had to flee town, but their leader, Godsford (Tom Allard) told them to wait by the tree, near a fence, out of town.  But which tree, and which fence?  Along comes Patsy (Leslie Caveny) dragging a tied-up Tag (June Schreiner) who twirls a mean lasso (don’t miss this), and cowpoke John (Robert W. Laur) who lets them know the town is in an uproar.  But, Percy takes one look at Patsy, and falls hard.  After all, he hasn’t been with a woman in quite awhile.  All of this proves to be a diversion for Percy and Elvin while waiting for the infamous Godsford to arrive.

Surrounded by sagebrush, campfires and cowpokes, our prairie lights up with the arrival of our crew who all give outstanding performances.  Great direction, great set, great costumes.  Just a delightful evening all around.

It is a real treat to have “THE NIGHT FORLORN (or, WAITING FOR GODSFORD).” 

We don’t have many western plays, and this is one not to be missed.  Loads of laughs, and I’m telling you, do not miss the lasso twirling by June Schreiner.  YEEEEHAAAAA!!!!!


Tickets and Showtimes

Cast: Tom Allard, Jim Beaver, Leslie Caveny, J. Downing, Robert W. Laur

Director:  Arden Teresa Lewis

Producers:  David Mingrino and Linda Rand

Production Stage Manager:  Benjamin Scuglia

Set Designer:  J. Downing

Lighting Designer:  Yancey Dunham

Theatre West

3333 Cahuenga Blvd West

Los Angeles, CA 90068

Reservations:  323-851-7977

Online Ticketing: 

Plays:  March 16 – April 22, 2018;     Fridays & Saturdays at 8:00 pm;   Sundays at 2:00 pm;

Admission:  $25 General Seating;   Seniors: $15;   Students: $10 with I.D.