The New Pet Accessories That Will Make You Wonder How We’ve Ever Managed without Them

We are all very familiar with the harnesses, pet sweaters, bells, whistles and toys that our pets know and love. These creations have come to the rescue to protect our pets and add quality to all of our lives. Have you ever wondered how pets managed to stand cold weather before the invention of those adorable little sweaters to keep them warm? Below is a list of genius creations that will have you wondering how we’ve managed until now – everything from year-round allergy protection for your pet to anti-boredom and loneliness ideas for the pets whose owners can’t be home most of the day. Embrace one, or all, your pet(s) will love you more for it!



Okay, maybe they’re not “designer”, but these Neopaws boots are definitely in high demand for pets with allergies to grass. If your pet loves to play outside but suffers from itchy or inflamed paws from doing so, you and your pet will be grateful for these boots! They secure comfortably around each paw with Velcro. The rubber soles provide a stable grip so that your pet’s speed and agility are affected as least as possible. They could also be used for protection from claws in sensitive situations, or added comfort and warmth for your pet in inclement weather. We had sweaters, and then our pets did – why not boots, too? A smart invention for many reasons!



Exercise and lots of attention are the best ways to keep your pet happy and feeling loved, but for many of us, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to provide our pets with the attention they deserve. Most mornings are a rush for many of us to prepare for our own day, let alone exhausting our pet to before a long day home alone. One great creation to minimize boredom for your pet is the “Kong wobbler” food dispenser toy.

The Kong wobbler occupies your pet while challenging them physically and stimulating them mentally. Pets quickly learn that treats and food are dispensed when they have maneuvered the wobbler in ways to make the treats fall out. More than a toy, pets get to play and treat themselves while you’re away!




You read it right. I know what you’re thinking, how hard is it to clean a litter box manually? The answer is, not very hard. However, why not make it easier? This product does exactly what it says; when you are cleaning your cat’s litter, turn the scoop on then start, it saves time and energy! That means more play time for you and your cat!




If your dog is anything like my princess, s/he loves a good pampering. It’s only fair that your pet can enjoy and massaging shower with multiple jets and speeds to wash off a long week. This may seem a little bizarre, but I bet people felt the same way about pet sweaters when they first were invented. Admit it, wouldn’t you like to know that your pet can get a thorough bathing without the fuss and mess? This invention is definitely worth saving money for!

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