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The Nationwide Boom of Online Sports Betting in America

Whenever we turn on the TV these days or even while browsing internet pages, it has become increasingly difficult not to spot advertising for sports betting. Not something we saw often in the past, although times have changed and just like many European countries, the United States has finally welcomed a pastime that entertains millions around the world.

Of course, here in the state of Nevada it can sometimes be hard to understand all the fuss. Sports betting has been legal for a long time and for many years, it was one of the few places where people could wager on big sporting events. However, the digital age has changed all of that, creating a whole new boom that is quickly sweeping America.

Wider Acceptance of Online Sports Betting

Nevada is no longer the only gig in town and since New Jersey’s Supreme Court victory in 2018, any state desiring to do so can legalize sports betting. This landmark ruling quite literally opened the floodgates, repealing a decades-old federal law established back in the 1990’s, sending the establishment of gambling laws back to state legislature control.

In April 2021 and according to the ESPN Sports Betting Bill Tracker, 22 states have now successfully passed legislature which legalizes online sports betting. Several more states are expected to pass legislation through 2021, potentially taking the total beyond 30 by early next year. The remaining states are still actively debating and drafting bill proposals.

All but three state legislatures have proposals to legalize sports betting in place. As yet, Idaho and Wisconsin have no publicly announced bills, with no plans for that to change any time soon. Meanwhile, given the anti-gambling stance enshrined in the Utah state constitution, it could be the one place in the US where gambling remains completely banned.

Nevertheless, while the vast majority of states are embracing new bills to legalize sports betting, alongside other online gambling legislation, many have looked towards Nevada for inspiration. Boasting a long and successful history in the sports betting industry, Nevada has well-established rules and regulations in place.

While the vast majority of states across the country embrace new gambling laws, as the most established and mature gaming market, Nevada has influenced how other states have shaped their legislature. Nevada always features prominently as the benchmark for gambling rules and regulations, boasting an important history and vast experience in the sports betting industry, offering a path for others to follow.

That said, laws do vary considerably from state to state, due to some remaining a little reticent about going the whole hog, so to speak. Betting on college or minor league sports remains banned in many states, although nearly all have legalized online and mobile wagering, alongside in-person betting at casinos bookmakers.

Sports Grabbing the Most Betting Attention

Figures produced in 2020 by Research And Markets highlighted that last year, the United States online gambling market generated just over $2.1 billion, while in-person gambling still accounts for tens of billions. An increasingly large portion of that market is focused on sports betting, which is expected to enjoy exponential growth over the next five years.

Part of that growth is due to the existing appeal and popularity of major league sports, with the professional competitions in America viewed by tens of millions each week. In recent polls, 37% of people chose American football as their sport of choice, followed by 11% for basketball and 9% for baseball. In 2021, ice hockey actually slid below soccer in the popularity polls.

However, all five of those key sports attract massive audiences, with viewership continuing to grow in the online streaming age. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS – they are acronyms any sports fan will instantly recognize, which is why they are also the most popular sporting competitions for online wagering.

Alongside the extensive coverage of every game in each of those competitions, throughout the country, millions of people are also finding additional entertainment via associated wagering. This can range from choosing in-game odds and betting line outcomes, to backing individual players and teams for success, playing the long game in the futures markets.

Predicting who might win the weekend NFL games is always popular, while predicting the Super Bowl winner is almost a multi-million enterprise in itself. In 2020, more than 26 million Americans bet around $6.8 billion on Super Bowl LIV alone, across online platforms, and at in-person sportsbook locations. That’s more than any sporting event in modern history.

Whatever the sporting event, one interesting fact is that with so many online sportsbooks to choose from in each legal state, the odds can vary wildly from one to another. This is why searching for the best US betting sites has become common practice, reading professional industry reviews and insights, along with browsing customer feedback and opinions.

Choosing Your Sportsbook Wisely

Just like the sports we love, competition in the online betting arena is equally fierce. We want to place bets and the sportsbooks want our money, although we should always do so in moderation and with plenty of responsibility. More than ever before, look for betting sites that serve your own preferences as the priority.

Beyond an attractive welcome bonus and appealing promotions, the most reputable online sportsbooks pride themselves on offering an excellent overall user experience, plus responsive customer support whenever you need their help. Great betting sites also earn trust with fast payouts and by protecting your private information. Always keep these things in mind when browsing reviews.

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