The Muse Rooms Open in NoHo

Spaceshare Comes to the NoHo Arts District.

We’ve heard of timeshare. But what about spaceshare? The NoHo Arts District is a creative community and the team at The Muse Rooms has given us a unique coworking space so we can continue to create. Co-creator Nancy Sexton answers some questions about this unique North Hollywood co-working space. So let’s give a big NoHo Welcome to The Muse Rooms!


What exactly is The Muse Rooms?

The Muse Rooms is a shared coworking space. Unlike normal shared office space, The Muse Rooms doesn’t have individual offices. Our large open floor plan has six different work environments to choose from. Not everyone wants to sit at a traditional desk and we want each area to inspire and evoke different thoughts and ideas, while being surrounded by like-minded people.

The Muse Rooms NoHo Arts District

How is “Shared Co-Work Space” different than execute suite sharing with a reception/telephone etc?

The Muse Rooms doesn’t have a receptionist or individual offices and there are no assigned desks. All of our areas and seating are first come first serve. Essentially we took the best elements of a coffee shop and combined them with a coworking space. Oh and the biggest difference is the price. For what we offer we are hundreds of dollars cheaper than shared office spaces.

The Muse Rooms NoHo Arts District

Where did you get the idea to do The Muse Rooms?

I’m a writer and I subscribe to a bunch of different websites and one sent me an advert for another cowork space called, The Office in Santa Monica. The business model made sense to me and I knew it would also be a way for me to be more social. Writing at home can be really, really lonely.

The Muse Rooms NoHo Arts District

Why did you pick NoHo Arts District to open The Muse Rooms?

I lived in Manhattan during it’s resurgence and NoHo reminds me a lot of the east village. Noho is hot right now, location, location, location. And I live in the neighborhood.

You personally have a history in NoHo and you are a musician/singer too?

Yeah, I moved out here Jan. of 2004 from NYC. I am a singer songwriter/screenwriter and all the other yada ya that goes into the entertainment business. I love it all! But writing is what I enjoy most.

What kinds of businesses would like The Muse Rooms?

Home based businesses, tech startups, writers, entertainment professionals, freelancers and anyone who can’t be productive at home. Maybe the have a loud roommate, or can’t focus around their kids, or they don’t like to work at home.

How do you become a member?

Just go online and fill out the application. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Right now, until January 1st get 10% Off our yearly memberships!

The joining fee regularly $75 is now $35.
1. 365 Membership (8am-6pm daily) normally $1600 is now $1440.
2. The Writers Dozen (24/7 daily) normally $2200 is now $1980.

The Muse Rooms
4942 Vineland Ave. #2&3
North Hollywood, 91601
(818) 823-4717 |
@themuserooms – Twitter, Instagram

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