The Meatballs of Comedy

“The Meatballs Of Comedy” plans on bringing laughter from the Italian-American perspective to the world through live performance, television and movies. 

“The Meatballs Of Comedy” show is like an Italian Sunday Dinner at Mamma’s when all the funny cousins come over! Join America’s Funniest Italian Comedians for a one-of-a-kind stand-up comedy show that will have your sides aching with laughter! Featuring comedians seen on Comedy Central, Comics Unleashed and Last Comic Standing,The Meatballs Of Comedy are serving up Comedy Italian Style!

“’The Meatballs Of Comedy’” began 10 years ago when I decided to do an Italian-themed stand-up comedy show that showcased comedy from the Italian-American perspective.” – Joey Sorice


Friday, February 23 at 8PM


The Federal NoHo
5303 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601


Meatballs of Comedy

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Tell us a little bit of background on you and how it relates to “The Meatballs of Comedy”

I am originally from Short Hills New Jersey, part of a big Italian family with lots of aunts and uncles and cousins. Ours was a musical family and I started my life on stage as the saxophone player in our family band, which was pretty much an Italian version of The Partridge Family, with the sequins and the jumpsuits and the whole bit. My dad managed and my mother made the costumes. Joe Pesci (who my father grew up with in Newark, New Jersey and with whom he performed in bands) wrote some of our songs. We came to California to make records (with a summer in Las Vegas to be trained by Tommy Devito, one of the original Jersey Boys, who my father knew growing up) and when that ran it’s course I found myself on the stand-up comedy stage. My younger brother, who was the bass player of the group, and I were the clowns of the group so we formed the comedy team Jimmy & Joey, America’s Funniest Italian Comedians and worked our way through the Los Angeles comedy scene until we became regulars at The World Famous Comedy Store. When I decided to do my own show, I created The Meatballs Of Comedy, featuring all Italian-American comedians serving up Comedy Italian Style, with Jimmy & Joey as the headliners.

How did the cast meet?

Eva Miller moved to Los Angeles area from Northern California twelve years ago and began working her way into the LA comedy scene. She began attending The Meatballs shows and liked what she saw. She started to help promote the shows and then started to host the shows and the rest is history. She was a chef in the United States Navy and it turns out a very natural comedianne and when I decided to have her perform as the chef it was magic time. Celebrity Chef Eva was born and is now about to take the comedy AND food world by storm.

I had known Amy Milano for many years as we were both working our way through the Los Angeles comedy scene. When I created The Meatballs Of Comedy I needed to cast a cocktail waitress who could deliver the goods on stage and Amy was the natural choice. Amy’s specialty is dance and she has traveled the world on the strength of her dancing skills (she introduced tap to Ghana, West Africa). When Amy is not performing with The Meatballs, she performs her one woman show in the theaters of Los Angeles.

Vince Brocato attended one of my very first shows many years ago and we never lost touch. As I was developing the show I booked Vince to come sing some Frank and Dino to warm up the crowd. Soon he became the opening act and when the gentleman who performed as the Maitre D’ passed away unexpectedly, Vince was the natural choice to replace him, in no small part because he had his own tux.

Danny Salay is the newest edition to the cast. He plays “Jimmy” in the Jimmy & Joey act and “Headwaiter Jimmy” in The Meatballs show. When my brother decided to go back to civilian life after many years on the comedy stage began the task of recasting the part, which turned out to be an epic journey. After many (many) “Jimmys”, Danny showed up, having returned from seven years acting in movies in China of all places (he speaks fluent Mandarin). We jelled right away and his talent, work ethic and Buffalo, New York upbringing made him the perfect partner in comedy.

Does “The Meatballs of Comedy” have other goals besides great comedy?

The Meatballs Of Comedy plan on bringing laughter from the Italian-American perspective to the world through live performance, television and movies.

Where have you played previously? The Meatballs Of Comedy have performed all over the Los Angeles area and had a short residency in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Why should someone go to “The Meatballs of Comedy” if they are or are not Italian?

Because Everybody Loves Italians and everybody is Italian at The Meatballs Of Comedy show.

The Meatballs Of Comedy show is a one of a kind theatrical experience combining music, dance and good old fashioned stand-up comedy. If you’ve ever wondered what it was really like to be at an Italian Sunday dinner when all the funny cousins come over, you gotta get to a Meatballs show.

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